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Dua Lipa on dealing with heartbreak & getting to #1

Published on Mar 23, 2018 552,245 views
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In December British pop star Dua Lipa was named the UK's most streamed woman of 2017 by Spotify, and when Bruno Mars brought his mammoth 24K Magic tour to New Zealand last month, he handpicked her as his supporting act. READ MORE HERE:

Interview by Ellen Falconer
Video by Claire Eastham-Farrelly

  • le
    le 11 місяців тому Her voice is so soft 😭💛 she's amazing
  • Clara Elia
    Clara Elia 4 місяці тому little euphoria And so deep!! She don’t put highs in her voice in her frequently songs.
  • ፍላስፋ philosophy man
    ፍላስፋ philosophy man 4 місяці тому sexy voice
    ASHVIN CASTELLINO 8 місяців тому Leticia Yes. I too feel her voice is soft. But the amazing thing is it is powerful. She has this thing with her voice where it changes pitch. I really can't explain.. But it's awesome.
  • Павел Пономарь
    Павел Пономарь 10 місяців тому what?:)
  • Akshay Tata
    Akshay Tata 1 рік тому damn who would ever wanna break up with her?
  • Celine
    Celine 3 тижні тому (змінено) She's thunderstorms uhhh same, and what Paul wrote about their relationship’s ending makes me sooo sad
  • She's thunderstorms
    She's thunderstorms 1 місяць тому i find so sad how she broke Paul's heart to go back to who broke up with her in the first place...ugh
  • Neil Underwood
    Neil Underwood 4 місяці тому @Rajesh Upadhyay What matters Rajesh, is whether she knows you.
  • D RolyPolyMan
    D RolyPolyMan 4 місяці тому (змінено) Both of your commenlts are right on point! Everyone chases Beauty but there’s a steep price to pay and it rarely lasts long term. Why? Just like you said they are looking for a 10 like them! And they get away with murder and cruise on their looks! Your probably better off long term going with a 6 or a 7. Pretty or cute but not Model level pretty. Plus Years from now a more average looking woman will still look relatively good and the same. A stunning beauty Now may look bad years down the road! She’s a Sex Kitten now and later on she’s a Mangy Cat! Know what I mean? Beauty can fade so fast it’s Ridiculous! And I don’t demand perfection. Far from it.
  • Rajesh Upadhyay
    Rajesh Upadhyay 4 місяці тому Akshay Tata I know a young female like her but she is in corporate job and searching a boyfriend for herself. She is 5.10 in height and a great fan of me. She is working for State Bank of India some Credit Sales Job. She is well convent educated female 22 or 23 years now or 25 years age. Just complete replica of Dua Lipa look alike. She knows me since last 20years now. She is still un-married HINDU BRAHMIN.
  • kurt lowder
    kurt lowder 5 місяців тому i have dated two tens in my life. I am like a solid 8-9, but I was a teacher so that can get you a ten. biggest mistakes of my life. they are so used to having everything handed to them. they have biggest and almost always unrealistic expectations about life.
  • kurt lowder
    kurt lowder 5 місяців тому almost never ever date a 10. almost never worth the hassle. then someone who wants to be famous, that makes it even more impossible. she will never have a long term relationship. you have to feel sorry for people with this much beauty and ambition.
  • Shiney Avocado
    Shiney Avocado 6 місяців тому one mans trash is another mans treasure
  • Ryan Renfrow
    Ryan Renfrow 7 місяців тому she broke up with paul
  • Donna Valenzuela
    Donna Valenzuela 7 місяців тому @Outskirts Paradise yea you're right, sorry. We both don't know anything. I just concluded based on an album, really. I didn't know you're joking but okay. x
  • Outskirts Paradise
    Outskirts Paradise 7 місяців тому Donna Valenzuela I doubt you know anything about the situation. I was joking anyways. But cheers
  • Donna Valenzuela
    Donna Valenzuela 9 місяців тому @Outskirts Paradise lol ik. but he isn't the one who broke up w her. she broke up w him (because the comment asks who would ever want to break up w her, and u answered paul there's a difference)
  • Outskirts Paradise
    Outskirts Paradise 9 місяців тому Donna Valenzuela they literally broke up lmfao
  • Donna Valenzuela
    Donna Valenzuela 9 місяців тому @Outskirts Paradise but i don't think paul wants to break up with her though? stop dragging him in this
  • Outskirts Paradise
    Outskirts Paradise 9 місяців тому Paul Klein
  • Maria Guerra
    Maria Guerra 9 місяців тому Akshay Tata an idiot
  • Cristy Coronado
    Cristy Coronado 1 рік тому Amainzing so young girl, she worked hard to get what she wants. Inspiration even for me a older one. Thank you RNZ for the interview
  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 1 рік тому Imagine breaking this girls heart lmaooo thats an L
  • Genesis g
    Genesis g 1 місяць тому Jay Reno wtf shes pretty either way you fucktard
  • Costel Coaie
    Costel Coaie 6 місяців тому Jay Reno where
  • Jay Reno
    Jay Reno 6 місяців тому Wait till you see her without any make up on. Scared the bajeesus out of me
  • Costel Coaie
    Costel Coaie 7 місяців тому Account 7744 hmmm
  • Account 7744
    Account 7744 7 місяців тому @Costel Coaie His name is J, spelled Jay. So it is plausible his son is an L
  • Costel Coaie
    Costel Coaie 11 місяців тому Jay Vee you are an L to mankind
  • Melissa Mota Dória
    Melissa Mota Dória 10 місяців тому She's very wise and down to earth for the common notion of what a pop star is (then again, she's quite original and has her own style, so I kind of already expected it because that requires a strong sense of character in the business). I appreciate the fact that she always tries to deliver a message towards social progress.
  • karla avalos
    karla avalos 1 рік тому Editar wow I love this interview, she is so ... relaxed like calm and like a beautiful child when smile, is like you hear her talking about important issues and is so calm and peaceful when she says the true. I need her in the onu campaing of #heforshe
  • CrunchyB
    CrunchyB 1 рік тому she looks so beautiful
  • Necro Orcen
    Necro Orcen 7 місяців тому And she wastes it making such generic pop music.. just sayin you'll never hear one of her songs reinterpreted for a movie score in 20 years. I'd take that bet.
  • Sandra
    Sandra 1 рік тому (змінено) Dua is so intelligent
  • Edward Liu
    Edward Liu 11 місяців тому Dr Sc Oktipus u sound like a jealous little faggot
  • Ernesto Neri
    Ernesto Neri 1 рік тому Sveto you sound alittle salty, jealous much?
  • Miranda Grant
    Miranda Grant 1 рік тому Dua lipa is very gorgeous I love the way that she did her makeup. She is so poised, polished, and classy I love her.
  • m
    m 8 місяців тому @ASHVIN CASTELLINO shut up u hater
    ASHVIN CASTELLINO 8 місяців тому Miranda Grant.. Yes. Absolutely right. Polished, Intelligent...
  • m
    m 9 місяців тому @InnerRise well in google where did u execpt
  • InnerRise
    InnerRise 9 місяців тому @m mmmmmkay. BUT HERE.......
  • m
    m 9 місяців тому @InnerRise see a photo of her without makeup She looks like shes wearing makeup even tho shes not Cuz shes beautiful
  • InnerRise
    InnerRise 11 місяців тому Miranda Grant too much makeup. Too much foundation. Too much white.
  • Jonathan Palmquist
    Jonathan Palmquist 1 рік тому She’s amazing no matter what, but I really hope she keeps her producer, the songs have a great feel/sound to them. Her live band is great when she plays live too.
  • Christen R
    Christen R 3 місяці тому Funny she got out of an awful breakup then broke Paul’s heart cause he was just her rebound after the horrible breakup Poor Paul. I don’t feel bad for her sorry LANY!!!
  • Stefany Stella
    Stefany Stella 1 тиждень тому EXACTLY!!
  • Sahira Ju'aini Salehuddin
    Sahira Ju'aini Salehuddin 3 місяці тому Christen R she broke Paul to the core !
  • sildor 3
    sildor 3 10 місяців тому She looks like Keira Knightley in this interview
  • AmbeRain
    AmbeRain 7 місяців тому She come across as truly genuine. Bless her. Dua u are amazing !
  • Franco R
    Franco R 12 годин тому Is it true she got her name from her favorite type of India Pale Ale (IPA), the double IPA or Dual IPA?
  • moggy morris
    moggy morris 9 місяців тому She says she likes different genres ........i have said that she has the voice and talent to sing different genres
  • Pineapplejelly Awesome
    Pineapplejelly Awesome 4 місяці тому I love her so much! She’s so inspirational and beautiful! 💖
  • Hollie Taylor
    Hollie Taylor 3 тижні тому You are my inspiration I love you dua
  • Maricielo Paredes
    Maricielo Paredes 1 рік тому I LOVE DUA ...
  • Freebird
    Freebird 4 місяці тому Love her grounded at her age...almost humble (very refreshing!)
  • robertjohnston211
    robertjohnston211 1 рік тому Dua you have something in your hair can you get it out it's driving me crazy.
  • Michael D
    Michael D 7 місяців тому Alex Velasquez Ah yes, I see it - thank you! I tilted my screen to make her hair lighter, and it's a small white speck on the edge of a strand of hair near her chin. You can only see it if the brightness is increased. Even if I had seen it, it wouldn't have distracted me from that beautiful face of hers : ) Cheers!
  • Alex Velasquez
    Alex Velasquez 7 місяців тому Michael D No it’s actually on her right side! (Left of screen) It’s like a little white dot, maybe like glitter or something but it’s really hard to notice. You just really have to stare like super hard and just focus lol. It took me like 5 minutes lol
  • Michael D
    Michael D 7 місяців тому robertjohnston211 There's nothing 'in her hair', lol. If you're talking about the piece sticking out behind her left ear, that's just her hair.
  • Alex Velasquez
    Alex Velasquez 8 місяців тому I see what you’re talking about lol, it took me a minute. But I would have never noticed if I hadn’t seen your comment 😂 I was too mesmerized by her beauty