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And meet me there, with bundles of flowers
We'll wade through the hours of cold winter
She'll howl at the walls
Tearing down doors of time
Shelter as we go

And promise me this
You'll wait for me only
Scared of the lonely arms
That surface, far below these birds
Maybe, just maybe i'll come home

Who am i, darling to you?
Who am i
To tell you stories of mine?
Who am i?

Who am i, darling for you?
Who am i
To be your burden in time? Lonely
Who am i, to you?

Who am i, darling for you?
Who am i?
To be your burden
Who am i, darling to you?
Who am i?

I come alone here
I come alone here


  • MimM
    MimM 1 рік тому Everyone seems so deep in the YouTube comments sections of songs like these. I love reading it. Wish we could be like this in real life. Peace and love to all.
  • Irishslag
    Irishslag 1 тиждень тому z ib on the contrary it’s actually called intelligence. Only you don’t see mentally handicapped thinking deep thoughts ya pice of shit
  • z ib
    z ib 1 тиждень тому because its ghay
  • Irishslag
    Irishslag 2 тижні тому Hell yes but I gotta say people are ya gotta find em
  • Andrea Bécquer
    Andrea Bécquer 2 тижні тому 😔
  • call me by my name
    call me by my name 2 тижні тому (змінено) That would be great! Except I'm socially awkward but it would be really nice to have a community governed with love and respect
  • Grumor Town
    Grumor Town 1 місяць тому 🙏
  • Meagan Escoe
    Meagan Escoe 1 місяць тому MimM that’s because those who seek these songs seek peace.
  • DENVER Lockwood
    DENVER Lockwood 1 місяць тому Ps. I am
    MUSTAFA GUREZY 3 місяці тому thanks budddy
  • Lynelle Houser
    Lynelle Houser 4 місяці тому Keep spreading love and light, it catches on and carries💫🌠🙏💖
  • Nathan Ganther
    Nathan Ganther 4 місяці тому Our society often forgets the whole reason we humans were created, it’s not to be isolated and live all by ourselves Or be segregated. Although this exactly what is going on in the world we live in right now... sadly Staying positive through all of this going on in the world is the most difficult task.. We are the small percentage that do think this way and actually find it logical to do so, Show the people you meet in your life what it is like to feel true bliss and love ❤️
  • Tasha Reu
    Tasha Reu 4 місяці тому One's choice of words will always reflect the person themselves. Stay wonderful <3
  • Michał L
    Michał L 4 місяці тому @Dana H That's exactly how it is. I hate it. I see all these people everyday just changing masks to just fit in every possible situation, like knowing one person who acts like at least a few. But they're scared. They wanna play their acts, be a part of something, even if the cost is to be fake. Being different isn't easy. Very few people in this world have guts to be free, to be real. It requires bravery and mental strength. People say how strong and how free they are while it's all fake, it's all an illusion and they're so blind they can't even see it.
  • Dana H
    Dana H 5 місяців тому Because here, people drop their masks and show their true self. How much better would it all be if we did that all the time?
  • Dawn Remigio
    Dawn Remigio 6 місяців тому some people are, you just have to catch them in the right moments <3
  • Sara B
    Sara B 6 місяців тому this is real life <3
    VANZ STRINGZ 7 місяців тому Amen
  • Kyle Wayne
    Kyle Wayne 8 місяців тому same as to you
  • Zzz Zzz
    Zzz Zzz 11 місяців тому MimM i hope
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 8 місяців тому WHY IS IT HARD TO FIND SOMEONE NEAR YOU WHO HAS THE SAME TASTE IN MUSIC? So you can freely talk about stuff like this.
  • GrimbleGrumble81
    GrimbleGrumble81 3 дні тому Rare souls don't wither in loneliness, they thrive in solitute.
  • Siddharth singh
    Siddharth singh 4 дні тому I have similar taste. We may connect if u want to on Instagram. Find me as "singh_siddharth" .
  • kwekkwik
    kwekkwik 6 днів тому I love listen to any kind of music. Pop, electronic, r n b and some of k-pop too. But I also love Enya and this kind of music too. It depends on my mood. This is the kind of music when I want it to be alone, feeling calm. But yes, no one I know love listening to this.
  • Odesza
    Odesza 1 тиждень тому I knowwwwwww so you could take to concerts with you and listen to the same stuff together.
  • Elizabeth Minnich
    Elizabeth Minnich 2 тижні тому Irishslag I’m from Idaho as well!
  • Karen Redd
    Karen Redd 3 тижні тому It’s impossible for me, and I blame that on other people having a shitty taste for music. Or NO taste for music. I really like this song but my favorite — AND THE BEST MUSIC THERE WILL “EVER” BE... is from the good old days. If you weren’t blessed by being there- you missed the greatest days there will ever be in this world. Hendrix, The Doors, CREAM— Sunshine of your love - best song ever done! A perfect example of perfect music is on here- Robin Trower!
  • Abdul-Azeez Abu
    Abdul-Azeez Abu 3 тижні тому Lupita Nigerian here 🙋
  • Abdul-Azeez Abu
    Abdul-Azeez Abu 3 тижні тому That's just the problem. I really hope I meet someone who really shares my taste in music. My goodness I can't begin to imagine the moments 😅
  • yousee toomuch
    yousee toomuch 4 тижні тому . ..because such music is too difficult for shallow people.
  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash Kumar 4 тижні тому i can feel the same sentiments.
  • Star Stuff
    Star Stuff 1 місяць тому I feel you.
  • Mahmud Hassan
    Mahmud Hassan 1 місяць тому It's a natural behavior of human beings.
  • Krisna Bayu
    Krisna Bayu 1 місяць тому I dont need people on the internet now, to enjoying music like this together, talk about something like this more deeper.
  • Janila Buenavente
    Janila Buenavente 1 місяць тому just found mine after years :)
  • Sleeping Dog
    Sleeping Dog 1 місяць тому me plss give me more music like this
  • Kerri Skuce
    Kerri Skuce 2 місяці тому Yes, it is very hard.
  • Alexandros Pavlidis
    Alexandros Pavlidis 2 місяці тому People have a very bad taste in everything. Get used to it mate
  • Yunes Tayea
    Yunes Tayea 2 місяці тому Maybe they are really close around you but you don´t know them, maybe someone today that sat next to you in the train or the bus like this song but you didn´t talk to know it.
  • Amelia Williamson
    Amelia Williamson 3 місяці тому I feel the same way… my sister likes pop/country, my brother likes CCR, And any 80’s. I’ve personally never met someone who like indie folk
  • MoviesCrazy
    MoviesCrazy 3 місяці тому In my city I think I'm the only one, unfortunately. When I put musics of Ben Howard, Novo Amor or any chill songs they start complaining bla bla bla bla... but I don't care, if it makes me feel good, I'll continue to listen to, no matter what.
  • Random Tv
    Random Tv 3 місяці тому @greatcurious cat Well, your not alone my dear. I am also a filipino and im so inlove with these kind of music!!
  • amber.bayer
    amber.bayer 3 місяці тому oh my word yes!!
  • priya pannu
    priya pannu 3 місяці тому Well you are not alone. I second this.
  • Irishslag
    Irishslag 4 місяці тому Lupita Idaho.
  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta 4 місяці тому greatcurious cat - They/he/she, are there. We get so caught up in the packaging that sometimes we miss them, over look them, don’t see them, or don’t hear them at all....they’re there though.
  • Jose Manuel Gil
    Jose Manuel Gil 5 місяців тому @Bijoyata Reang I'm from Spain and here nobody listen this type of music. I'm very alone in that sense, I would like meet someone who listen this and classical music. Sorry for my english.
  • Mboh Karep
    Mboh Karep 5 місяців тому i used to have someone but we just never see eachother anymore idk why but i miss her
  • cloudynight
    cloudynight 5 місяців тому I know, right?
  • Dana H
    Dana H 5 місяців тому @Daniel Duke amen!! Here we all drop our masks and truly let go. A much more beautiful place to be
  • Debbie Alford
    Debbie Alford 5 місяців тому Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Amen! Everyone where I currently live think Im strange....they are all boring to me.
  • The Earth
    The Earth 5 місяців тому @greatcurious cat yess I know how you feel
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 5 місяців тому @The Earth yes. But there is still something inside of us that wants to be recognize and paid attention to. We are all humans that need someone who we can talk to openly and will understand us.
  • The Earth
    The Earth 5 місяців тому On the internet is where the only place I feel free, to be myself.
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 5 місяців тому @superbarnie aww you are so cute. Im really sad that i dont have sea lion emoji.
  • superbarnie
    superbarnie 5 місяців тому @greatcurious cat well, California, 23, sea lion
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 5 місяців тому @superbarnie well im from the Philippines, 23, 👩🏻
  • superbarnie
    superbarnie 5 місяців тому Yes. Please kindly post your A/S/L to find other people near you. EZZZ
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 5 місяців тому @Lupita im from the Philippines though. Hehe.
  • Lupita
    Lupita 5 місяців тому I’m trying to say this in the least creepy way possible I promise I’m not a 60 year old creepy guy trying to steal your identity, but in what state do you guys live in? You never know how close someone with your actual tase in music is
  • greatcurious cat
    greatcurious cat 5 місяців тому @superbarnie what do you mean A/S/L? Age Sex and Location?
  • superbarnie
    superbarnie 5 місяців тому A/S/L??!?!
  • Anju Soni
    Anju Soni 5 місяців тому It's not hard you have to go out and meet those kind of people.
  • AdmiralSnackbar
    AdmiralSnackbar 6 місяців тому The sadness is that most people are probably listening to Drake or Cardi B and just don't know about the quieter side of the world.
  • meet me in the hallway
    meet me in the hallway 6 місяців тому sameee fr
  • Dee_Duquesa
    Dee_Duquesa 6 місяців тому I shared same sentiments with you ..
  • Việt Phương Nguyễn
    Việt Phương Nguyễn 6 місяців тому (змінено) @Daniel Duke I'm not sure I understand what you mean but in Viet Nam, people aren't as genuine either. Even if they were, I don't think there would be many people who like this song or have this taste of music. Most young people in Viet Nam like Vietnamese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop or Japanese Pop. If there are those who listen to English Pop, they prefer listening from popular ones like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga etc. They would say that this kind of song make them bored and sad. I think this song or this kind of songs are for introverts and I think there are not too many introverts in the world, let alone Vietnam or any country, which is why it is hard to find someone near to share with. :)
  • Daniel Duke
    Daniel Duke 6 місяців тому @Việt Phương Nguyễn Well in America people aren't as genuine as the people are in your country, and I'm sure some situations reveal some people's genuine self, but as a whole, people here aren't typically like that.
  • Bijoyata Reang
    Bijoyata Reang 6 місяців тому totally 😭😭😭😭 Not many people get my taste in Music
  • Việt Phương Nguyễn
    Việt Phương Nguyễn 7 місяців тому @Daniel Duke Really? Maybe people need some special situations to show who they are.
  • Daniel Duke
    Daniel Duke 7 місяців тому People all around are like this. They hide it though because people don't express their genuine selves like they should😟
  • Ariah
    Ariah 7 місяців тому Việt Phương Nguyễn I really only have friends online. People who you can relate to, and millions of great people to meet.
  • Việt Phương Nguyễn
    Việt Phương Nguyễn 7 місяців тому That's why you are here. Internet is the only place where you can find those who share your taste or at least this song.
  • amelie xxx
    amelie xxx 7 місяців тому Am i the only one who thinks this Kind of music is not sad? In my opinion this Kind of music is so magical. I could listen to this all night especially in the fall time. It's just beautiful.
  • Jordan Ocean
    Jordan Ocean 1 тиждень тому I COMPLETELY AGREE
    SHADY 1 тиждень тому Make me feel like flying a kite
  • ProdByQuentin
    ProdByQuentin 1 тиждень тому I believe it's the most beautiful type of music. Going through panic disorder and severe anxiety, I haven't felt an emotion other than fear for quite some time. One night I was listening to small things by Ben Howard while meditating and I finally felt other emotions. It was a life changing experience, I felt as if I was floating in extreme blissfulness. All weight was lifted off of me for once. No other music could do that for me...
    SHADY 2 місяці тому Alex G some folk doesn’t understand music. If it’s not cursing heavy metal, then it’s sad. Music like this is a form of art but not appreciated
  • Gabriela Benitez
    Gabriela Benitez 2 місяці тому not sad at all. Don´t know why but this song specially, takes me to a place on earth that I´d love to go
  • Akash Joseph
    Akash Joseph 2 місяці тому right
  • Shelley
    Shelley 3 місяці тому No, they are magical.
    SHADY 3 місяці тому it's relaxing, indie music is always calming, you have to get into it to like it.
  • Michael Seifert
    Michael Seifert 3 місяці тому So cool how music speaks to each of us personally and differently. Whenever I hear this song I think of springtime and long drives with the flowers blooming on the sides of the roads.
  • Raquel DG
    Raquel DG 3 місяці тому Exactly , this is why I love this channel so much :3
  • Calvin Scott
    Calvin Scott 3 місяці тому Absolutely! Rebirth, new beginning, positive energy, peaceful morning,
  • Bianca Lebron
    Bianca Lebron 3 місяці тому Yes samede
  • Katiey LeClerc
    Katiey LeClerc 3 місяці тому Yes!
  • Audrija Pal
    Audrija Pal 3 місяці тому It is night time and I am listening to this, at peace
  • R C
    R C 4 місяці тому I think it's meant to be emotional. Emotional doesn't always mean sad
  • Lynelle Houser
    Lynelle Houser 4 місяці тому So very beautiful
  • Mario Kosic
    Mario Kosic 4 місяці тому agree, for me its relaxing song I listen to it when I'm studying.
  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 4 місяці тому amelie xxx preach that shit, my nigga.
  • Magi Vortep
    Magi Vortep 4 місяці тому You're not the only one I find it really peaceful and it brings complete silence to my thoughts and clears my mind 💜💜💜 When I feel nervous or when my head is filled with too many things I listen to this kind of music and my mind immediately becomes silent 💜
  • Irishslag
    Irishslag 4 місяці тому Frisson-aka the music chills. Apparently only 35 to 45 percent of people get them. The coolest theory to me as to why this phenomena occurs is that our brains react to sounds with flight or fight responses so hearing music does the same subconsciously but our rational brain knows it’s not the timeand instead associates certain Melody’s or rhythms with certain emotions along with lyrics that are stimulating to you. The perfect combination of psychological and physical mixed together
  • Ronniefer
    Ronniefer 4 місяці тому any recommendation like this kind of songs, pls?
  • Stefan Ciocan
    Stefan Ciocan 4 місяці тому I am have the same things :)
  • Mika
    Mika 4 місяці тому Same
  • Equilibrium
    Equilibrium 5 місяців тому Simply. Soulful.
  • Bruno Aguiar
    Bruno Aguiar 5 місяців тому It is really powerfull
  • Adam Townsend
    Adam Townsend 5 місяців тому Absolutely agree. I find this music makes me feel better. I even wrote a blog about how Ben Howard's music (Keep Your Head Up) has helped alter and shape aspects of my life ( Although that's only about 'KYHU', there are so many songs from Ben (much of I Forget Where We Were, for me) that speak to me but give me hope and joy...or even just comfort.
  • Ceyonodox. .atr
    Ceyonodox. .atr 5 місяців тому amelie xxx it’s beautifully haunting
  • Melissa Kosiec
    Melissa Kosiec 5 місяців тому I hear nothing but love
  • F i g u r a t i v e l y
    F i g u r a t i v e l y 5 місяців тому It is.
  • iLie Official
    iLie Official 5 місяців тому You need to watch the series “The 100” this song is played on episode 1
  • Cranjis Mead
    Cranjis Mead 6 місяців тому Same. That calm, happy, beautiful fall music
  • Johni Jensen
    Johni Jensen 6 місяців тому It is so amazing, it makes you happy. I totally agree with you :-*
  • Farheen waseem
    Farheen waseem 6 місяців тому I agree!! It feels so raw and real to me you know because they're so close to being acoustic. So beautiful
  • April King
    April King 6 місяців тому Yes! It has a beautiful effect on my heart and soul! It's indescribable.
  • Noa Dokter
    Noa Dokter 6 місяців тому @eleazar yancce Yo tambien lo creo
  • Noa Dokter
    Noa Dokter 6 місяців тому I agree !!
  • Aqua Vibes
    Aqua Vibes 7 місяців тому this is exactly how i feel...
  • Alex G
    Alex G 7 місяців тому I agree. Why do people always call pretty music “sad”?
  • Amanda Kibel
    Amanda Kibel 7 місяців тому Not sad here- this is the song I used to walk down the aisle at my wedding 4 years ago! It makes me feel "safe" not sad at all :) Everyone loved it and asked for the name and artist after the ceremony was over
  • Brandon
    Brandon 7 місяців тому When people ask me what kind of music I like my usual reply is “well, it’s probably what you would consider depressing but to me it’s about lyrics and feelings” love it.
  • Cade Weston
    Cade Weston 7 місяців тому Fall/winter! you got it!
  • BigusDickus
    BigusDickus 7 місяців тому It's because it is magic. It makes everyone feel a different and very special way. Magic can be found in both music and film but only when they're created with passion of life and when they are they can stick with you for a very long while.
  • Ariah
    Ariah 7 місяців тому amelie 353 It’s not a sense of sadness, it’s the beauty of it that will send you reminiscing without you even know it.
  • Mateo Ruiz
    Mateo Ruiz 7 місяців тому I think the same as you
  • StarMintaka
    StarMintaka 7 місяців тому amelie 353 it's so peaceful, it heals me
  • nat nat
    nat nat 11 місяців тому Lost in the calm side of YouTube. I never wanted to be found again.
  • Hannah Ooms
    Hannah Ooms 1 місяць тому Haha
  • T Wens
    T Wens 2 місяці тому @kumara appadoo found each other 😊
  • kumara appadoo
    kumara appadoo 7 місяців тому I found you...
  • Tristan Flores
    Tristan Flores 7 місяців тому same. Although I've known this song for years
  • Aogo
    Aogo 11 місяців тому Is this where all the good people go?
  • Adil Dongola
    Adil Dongola 5 днів тому Agree
  • Azalea
    Azalea 1 місяць тому ❤️
  • Kerri Skuce
    Kerri Skuce 2 місяці тому I think so.
  • Mboh Karep
    Mboh Karep 3 місяці тому Yes
  • VaibHav Krishna
    VaibHav Krishna 4 місяці тому You won't find them on the TV shows..
  • Jaba Dehut
    Jaba Dehut 4 місяці тому Ketemu orang indo :"))
  • Fei Mei
    Fei Mei 5 місяців тому @SappGuy wow this is the exact thought/situation that I have since I'm an introvert😃
  • Jeffrey DeBlaay
    Jeffrey DeBlaay 5 місяців тому ...yes, the proverbial answer to Jack Johnson's song.
  • SappGuy
    SappGuy 5 місяців тому Yes, i cry when i listen to this because it makes me imagine the love i have not yet experienced but i am too afraid to get out of my comfort zone, i am happiest when i am alone. I have passion in writing and bringing out the love and emotion that movies now a days, don't show enough. I want people to cry, crying brings us to our weakest journey but strengthens us to realise where are happiest moments lie.
  • Mohammad Ammad Hussain
    Mohammad Ammad Hussain 5 місяців тому Aogo well i was the 100!!! Dont know about the good part of mine !! But yeah in near future may be, just may be .
  • Ammon Jacobs
    Ammon Jacobs 6 місяців тому Humans are such weird creatures, we bury our true emotions and ambitions when we need to open up to people, but the second a powerful and emotional melody hits our ears we decide that, yea, it is time to open up and let the world know my problems or my ambitions or maybe just how much love you have for someone.
  • Thomas Rivera
    Thomas Rivera 6 днів тому (змінено) Yeah man, I would love to see the girl I so much feel for
  • Huggnote
    Huggnote 2 тижні тому Greetings from Ireland Ammon! That's exactly why we made Because sometimes music says it better xo
  • Bluebonnet Bigfoot
    Bluebonnet Bigfoot 2 місяці тому When I am ready to write music to share with the world...this is all I could ever hope for. This is the only thing I will ever want my music to invoke. Your comment filled my eyes with tears and made my soul swell, Ammon. I am just starting my journey into sharing my voice and music with the world. I've resisted because I thought no one cared for such music as this anymore. This channel, this music, these comments are all such proof that we are not all robots with mechanical hearts. We still feel. And we still crave the beauty of poetry and singing strings.
  • Ali-May ASMR
    Ali-May ASMR 2 місяці тому Such a powerful comment, love it 😊
  • M. Murad
    M. Murad 2 місяці тому i know exactly what you mean, i mean, really , i have been puzzlig over this for a long time.. jiddu krishna murti has answers to such existential questions.
  • Yunes Tayea
    Yunes Tayea 2 місяці тому Read your comment before lying in the bed and sleeping..., wonderful!
  • R. C
    R. C 3 місяці тому Lesson 1. We need to learn to differentiate between the outer personality that is for show, the one that has been constructed for us through family, friends and early childhood. Then, when we are ready to learn who we truly are and what we are really about, we need to understand that all those things and people may need to get left behind for the real us to shine bright. Not many can go solo, not many at all, but in going solo we can unlearn... to learn to truly connect.
  • MusiQ8dict
    MusiQ8dict 3 місяці тому So true brother
  • Chloe Phillips
    Chloe Phillips 3 місяці тому Damn. Why’d you put me on the spot like that