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Jennifer Morrison & Colin O'Donoghue - All the Bloopers through the Seasons (Including Season 6)

Published on Aug 17, 2017 147,804 views

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  • Crystal Jewel Rose
    Crystal Jewel Rose 1 рік тому Josh kisses Colin on the cheek Colin “ohhh he’s dreamy” I love that Bromance right there
  • Sara Hiller
  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 3 місяці тому Timestamp
  • Forever UnicornLover
    Forever UnicornLover 8 місяців тому Same and the she ran right through the green screen.
  • Jaydavdv
    Jaydavdv 11 місяців тому Sara Hiller me 2😂😂😂😂
  • sleepless nic
    sleepless nic 1 рік тому Colin might be the death of me
    I AM THANOS 4 місяці тому sleepless nic same
  • LeeLaa Love
    LeeLaa Love 9 місяців тому He what keeps me on a string of living and dying
  • Lams And More
    Lams And More 11 місяців тому sleepless nic all of us lol
  • Phobia oWo
    Phobia oWo 1 рік тому sleepless nic Same
  • Soph
    Soph 1 рік тому "SAVE ME DAVID!!"😂
  • Nicole H
    Nicole H 1 рік тому When josh kissed colin on the cheek I was like the bromance is real 😂
  • Phobia oWo
    Phobia oWo 1 рік тому Nicole H lol
  • WifiWarrior
    WifiWarrior 11 місяців тому “It’s my birthdayyyyyy!” “She just ran straight through a wall” 😂😂
  • Unfunny Rat
    Unfunny Rat 1 рік тому “Sorry mate you’re crushin me right in the nuts” XD
  • L R
    L R 4 місяці тому I was looking if someone commented that 😂
  • Lea Michele
    Lea Michele 1 рік тому Colin and Jen are amazing together <33333
  • Asena Albayrak
    Asena Albayrak 8 місяців тому Yas
  • Rachel Allen Music
    Rachel Allen Music 1 рік тому With Colin using an accent other than his own for all his lines, there are bound to be lots of line muck-ups. And boy are they hilarious!!!
  • Ratchet Panda
    Ratchet Panda 1 рік тому Gentlemen.... let's get cracking Sooo funny
  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 1 рік тому 8:13 Gets me every time! Colin's bloopers are hilarious! I will miss this show...
  • Forever UnicornLover
    Forever UnicornLover 8 місяців тому Yeah he's amazing I think we're all gonna miss the show 😢
  • Emm_er
    Emm_er 10 місяців тому My favorite one!!
  • Hope_andbravery
    Hope_andbravery 9 місяців тому “Did you know the whole time? Who I was? Who I was from?” Her reaction is priceless I just repeated it a thousand of times 😂😂
  • Purple Owlzz7
    Purple Owlzz7 1 рік тому Henry is so small at the beginning oml
  • Costea Sonia
    Costea Sonia 1 рік тому "You can't do this" "I can if you let me"😂😂😂 I'm dead
  • Ann Rose
    Ann Rose 1 рік тому Oh god. I never thought that I would fall for a character with 25+. I feel like a teenager. 😃 But I am so hooked. 😃
  • namjoonseokjinyoongihoseok jimintaehyungjungkook
    namjoonseokjinyoongihoseok jimintaehyungjungkook 1 рік тому HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO HOT YET SO CUTE AT THE SAME TIME THAT IS A DANGEROUS COMBINATION
  • Constance Contraire
    Constance Contraire 1 рік тому (змінено) I replayed all of these like 1000 times wtf like i think I have captain swanitis That bromance between josh and colin tho 💥💥 Colin: DAVID SAVE ME Me: HHHHHHHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • tcl 4369
    tcl 4369 1 рік тому I'm going to miss them together so much! CS is seriously an enigma. No T.V. couple has ever given me as many feels and inspiring as they did. We were denied so much CS domesticity and momentous milestones. My only hope is that they eventually have a CS spin-off or CS movie! ;-}
  • Storydale
    Storydale 11 місяців тому YESSSSSSSSSD PLEASSSSSSSE
  • Brooke Hom
    Brooke Hom 11 місяців тому CS was a train wreck that kept moving. Sorry not sorry
  • Ivania Arleth Monroy
    Ivania Arleth Monroy 11 місяців тому tcl 4369 yeah that would be perfect a CS movie
  • Libby Baker
    Libby Baker 11 місяців тому I would’ve loved to be an actor in once Upon a time and meet these wonderful actors. They seem like a lot of fun 😂
  • Lauren Lee
    Lauren Lee 11 місяців тому Seriously, all the Colin ones? 😂😂 I don't know why.. But I just laugh so hard 😂