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Roguelikes and the Modular Genre

Опубліковано 28 лип. 2017 р. 110 455 переглядів
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NOTE: As Stuntaneous correctly points out, the original mod for Team Fortress released in 1996 (something I was not aware of) which was before many of the big MMORPGs. I'd argue the class-based design of such games can still be traced back to the asymmetric balance of multiplayer RPGs and/or MUDs, if not MMORPGS directly.

Roguelike games are a cornerstone of the indie scene, with a whole slew of games born from its genealogy. The Architect unpacks some questions about how we think not just about roguelikes, but about genre as a whole, and proposes a new way we can think about genre to better facilitate creativity and experimentation in gaming.

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