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Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (Official Music Video)

Published on Jun 24, 2014 15,809,361 views
Disney Lightning McQueen... Assembling игрушка 위자드

Watch the official music video for The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

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  • Weldon Mix
    Weldon Mix 1 рік тому This song makes me nostalgic for memories I've never made.
  • D Bolt
    D Bolt 3 дні тому That’s a phenomenal statement. And so many agree with you, so it’s truth.
  • gary ault
    gary ault 5 днів тому Never too late to start making memories. Some might be regrettable, but that is more fun sometimes.
  • Joseph Balachick
    Joseph Balachick 6 днів тому well said
  • Anna L
    Anna L 1 тиждень тому **BEST COMMENT HERE**
  • Silvia Path
    Silvia Path 1 тиждень тому From someone who was in high school when this song came was better than you can imagine. A great time.
  • Robert Harper
    Robert Harper 1 тиждень тому Then make them...
  • 1from outside
    1from outside 3 тижні тому saudade..
  • vivaciouscritic
    vivaciouscritic 1 місяць тому That, my friend, is the truth.
  • kid vicious
    kid vicious 1 місяць тому I fancy the wit
  • Mike Rourke
    Mike Rourke 1 місяць тому One of the best songs of the 80's
  • Héctor Mellado
    Héctor Mellado 1 місяць тому Maybe we lived in 80' but died early and reincarnation really exist because I have the same felling
  • PīŅGů PØłÞ
    PīŅGů PØłÞ 2 місяці тому So so right! you said what I felt
  • walter evans
    walter evans 2 місяці тому That"s almost perfect!
  • Lex Mercer
    Lex Mercer 2 місяці тому @Marcin Nowakowski I feel it too
  • Lex Mercer
    Lex Mercer 2 місяці тому Weldon Mix, Me too
  • sugg sugg
    sugg sugg 2 місяці тому Like a knife in the side : (
  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight 2 місяці тому This strange feeling really is one of those things you don't think other people do. You and some the others comments give me an odd comfort.
  • vr. leoni27
    vr. leoni27 2 місяці тому @Hataldir its called déjà vu
  • Scarlett Fox
    Scarlett Fox 3 місяці тому It does
  • harrold steptoe
    harrold steptoe 3 місяці тому Get out there and make some 😜 all best great comment 😁
  • Silvia Cammarano
    Silvia Cammarano 3 місяці тому same 💔
  • marek wejman
    marek wejman 3 місяці тому Same
  • Marcin Nowakowski
    Marcin Nowakowski 4 місяці тому This must be about dying... Am I right or not?
  • JPalacio17
    JPalacio17 5 місяців тому Well said, well said sir
  • Nacho Joshas
    Nacho Joshas 7 місяців тому It's not you, its our culture feeling nostalgic for "better times"
  • Ilkinond
    Ilkinond 8 місяців тому Then pull yourself together
  • Hataldir
    Hataldir 8 місяців тому I feel SO like this. I wonder if it has a name...
  • mrs albarn
    mrs albarn 8 місяців тому This is the most genius comment of all time! It was only when I read it that I realise music does this to me all the time. I want to be the music me!
  • Courtney Kreag
    Courtney Kreag 8 місяців тому That's so weird cause I feel the same way
  • Orli Tesler-Rachin
    Orli Tesler-Rachin 8 місяців тому yeah
  • Ketteh_ Bandit
    Ketteh_ Bandit 8 місяців тому These words make love to my heart
  • Marie Xen
    Marie Xen 10 місяців тому The best kind of song
  • Danny Cortez
    Danny Cortez 10 місяців тому Ohsame
  • mirrencorin
    mirrencorin 10 місяців тому this is the exact feeling of the song.
  • LillieJo von Diablo
    LillieJo von Diablo 11 місяців тому Same.
  • Anilemcelestial
    Anilemcelestial 11 місяців тому Weldon Mix same, i thought i was crazy, maybe I am
  • You Tube
    You Tube 11 місяців тому Same
  • juanelevin111
    juanelevin111 7 місяців тому In an alternate universe this was a hit Bond theme.
  • Patricia de Chenier
    Patricia de Chenier 2 тижні тому (змінено) I can see that, actually. It's a lot tighter than your average Bond theme. but the words are about a guy who's always second place in his lover's heart (among other things). If Caleb Carr's excellent science fiction adventure novel "Killing Time" (which Time magazine published as a serial during the turn of the millenium) is adapted to the big screen, this would be THE ONLY THEME FOR IT.
  • John Miller
    John Miller 6 місяців тому Being a teen in the 80s was crazy awesome
  • paul evans
    paul evans 2 тижні тому no bad ass who killed the dreams /work as well.
  • Alison Turpin
    Alison Turpin 2 тижні тому We were lucky...decent music with REAL melodies and lyrics!
  • VC1
    VC1 2 тижні тому @Jip Jackson I'm sure that makes sense to you.
  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson 3 тижні тому @VC1 VC1 has grown up with a glowing rectangle in their pocket. You think this gives you all the information you need to make judgments like this but it just make you sound the ignorant generation you are. All you have is information and no soul.
    SKITSOBLOG 1 місяць тому Being a teen IS crazy no matter the time!
  • VC1
    VC1 1 місяць тому @stjarna 3 sure, point taken. different times, different problems & fears.
  • J Hunter
    J Hunter 1 місяць тому @VC1 Yep. It was great being young and the music and cinema was good, everything else was depressing as fck.
  • un known
    un known 1 місяць тому the best
  • Zig Zag
    Zig Zag 1 місяць тому @THE JOKER Fuck you too and the horse you rode in on! 🖕
  • howlingbansidh
    howlingbansidh 1 місяць тому yes..yes it was
  • stjarna 3
    stjarna 3 2 місяці тому @VC1 Fear of the cold war was wasn't nice true but; no climate change, no globalism, not as much collective stupidity etc..
  • Alex rivera
    Alex rivera 2 місяці тому @VC1 well he maybe meant being a child with a good quality of life, MTV available and hang out at parties or bars where they played this music,,well at least that what I had,,,so these time was great!!
  • VC1
    VC1 2 місяці тому not really. Strikes, the fear of nuclear war, desolated urban areas. Heroin. Thatcherism. I left school in 87 and there was over 50% unemployment in my town.
  • Tomasz Humięcki
    Tomasz Humięcki 2 місяці тому Yeah !!!!
  • stjarna 3
    stjarna 3 2 місяці тому it was but I never heard this stuff
    THE JOKER 3 місяці тому Fuck you all 😃
  • Herr Döktör Z
    Herr Döktör Z 3 місяці тому It was. :)
  • Jules Marie
    Jules Marie 5 місяців тому I wish I could take a time machine back sometimes. So awesome.
  • Anne Kale
    Anne Kale 7 місяців тому Heard this song for the first time since 1984 while I was doing my laundry yesterday listening to Alternative 80s from UK and it just took me back to when I was 16 years old Young free had the whole world ahead of me. And now I'm old,fat, and sitting in a dog park with my pug in Tucson Arizona looking at mountains. Beautiful day today. Love That 80's music though. Good times good times
  • Newcastle utd 1892
    Newcastle utd 1892 6 годин тому Couldnt have put it better mate
  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 3 дні тому r/thathappened
  • Patricia de Chenier
    Patricia de Chenier 2 тижні тому The beauty of virtual existence is we can relive the good times so intensely. I so miss the 1980s (the 60s and 70s were vastly overrated). The stars were properly aligned, or something, music, TV and culture in general were more enjoyable than before or since.
  • Laura Lewis
    Laura Lewis 2 тижні тому The best ...
  • Darrin Collins
    Darrin Collins 3 тижні тому I sure know how your feeling,,,,very similar
  • Weens fa
    Weens fa 3 тижні тому Im with you on this lol. This song really bring me back to when i was young, free and skinny! Now im a 46 year old whos fat and old
  • jon hicks
    jon hicks 1 місяць тому Me too .
  • John Tyler
    John Tyler 1 місяць тому Wishing you another beautiful day from the future...
  • Martyn H
    Martyn H 1 місяць тому I'm older (65 next month) but basically same story, grew up in UK, now in Ohio!
  • tooshay
    tooshay 1 місяць тому further into the matrix we go. Red skies are coming people. Get off the spinning ball deception. The naturally occurring EMPCOE CATASTROPHE is coming. This world is not what we've been told & made to beLIEve. "You will float too"
  • SilverStarEyes
    SilverStarEyes 1 місяць тому Well at least your sitting in Tuscon Arizona and not Buxton Derbyshire in the rain and cold,Im old and fat it sucks,life is much worse here
  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 1 місяць тому Your still breathing... many aren't
  • Kaycie Johnson
    Kaycie Johnson 1 місяць тому your post made me want to kill myself...thank you.
  • P Mc
    P Mc 1 місяць тому Anna youll still be hot. Everything you want to be you can be. Just to be a boufer
  • Tracey Pendleton
    Tracey Pendleton 1 місяць тому Anne Kale I'm 54 in July and get all the feelings of being 18 again when I hear this .nostalgia can be great but it can also put you on a downward spiral .sounds like your happy looking at the mountains 😘I'm babysitting my grandkids and these are the best years of my life but ill always partial to a bit of Bunny 😘
  • Coretrayn
    Coretrayn 1 місяць тому thats a cool storey anne
  • Bulma09
    Bulma09 1 місяць тому Same in France ;) Good memories though
  • jdawgg27
    jdawgg27 1 місяць тому Ha I’m sitting here with my pit bull in Tucson Arizona listening to nostalgic music. And I wasn’t even born until the 90s lol
  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 місяці тому Sounds like your glass is at least half-full to me Anna - much love from Thailand
  • GonsalvoDeCordova
    GonsalvoDeCordova 2 місяці тому Ah, Tucson. Where one can hang out on the corner at 104F and not mind much ...
  • Patrick Brett
    Patrick Brett 2 місяці тому @khurit but there is still music...lots of love from Liverpool ..x
  • Patrick Brett
    Patrick Brett 2 місяці тому Love to pug. I am Macca's mate...respect lah!..thanks for what you said..and don't worry about a bit of excess weight..luv ya...x
  • Im Everywhere
    Im Everywhere 2 місяці тому Anne Kale it’s sad
  • Tina Turtle
    Tina Turtle 2 місяці тому Anne Kale Beautiful Tucson!
  • khurit
    khurit 3 місяці тому yes I turned old and disabled , cant walk or danced .so sad
  • Jo B
    Jo B 3 місяці тому I know how you feel. I will be turning 50 end of this year yet I still feel like I'm 15 inside. Good times in the 80s.
  • Mark D
    Mark D 3 місяці тому sounds like a good day.
  • country collapse
    country collapse 3 місяці тому As we watched the YOUNG ONES
  • spinion1
    spinion1 3 місяці тому same in south carolina...LOL
  • the_gifted_one
    the_gifted_one 3 місяці тому your alive mate!....cheers
  • Jesse Cervantes
    Jesse Cervantes 4 місяці тому Anne Kale hell nah, your doing great. I love Tucson, always look at the positive and enjoy life and remember that everyone else is doing miserably just hiding it.
  • Cassandra Carl
    Cassandra Carl 4 місяці тому Anne Kale ♥️
  • Leigh D
    Leigh D 5 місяців тому Anne Kale - #same
  • Steve NoName
    Steve NoName 7 місяців тому I was a metal head in the 80's with no tolerance for music like this. Silly me.
  • Neon Deity
    Neon Deity 2 дні тому @whiptech ironically, I'm just fine listening to slayer and going into this. my tastes are weirdly eclectic.
  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 2 дні тому same
  • pnczur
    pnczur 3 дні тому Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio ain’t that the truth
  • whiptech
    whiptech 5 днів тому Slayer did not mix well into songs like this.... *
  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd 5 днів тому @Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio yep, if it wasn't Maiden or the like, it was shite and you were shunned, lol! revisiting all of this now, brilliant stuff!
  • tony frickey
    tony frickey 1 тиждень тому Same here. If only i could go back and punch younger me.
  • Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio
    Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio 1 тиждень тому We had tunnel vision back then
  • Nellie O'Neil
    Nellie O'Neil 1 місяць тому Everything about this song is perfect.
  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 2 місяці тому I'm pretty certain this was my introduction to Echo back in 1987, when I was 19. 1987 was filled with introductions to groups like Echo, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Erasure, and so much more. What a great decade for music.
  • Mafe Gamboa
    Mafe Gamboa 4 дні тому You were so lucky for being alive back then <3
  • Casey Ellard
    Casey Ellard 1 тиждень тому Joy division..
  • Emily Iannielli
    Emily Iannielli 3 тижні тому Scott Smith I agree completely with you
  • Andrew freeguard
    Andrew freeguard 2 місяці тому Wow ........ spine is tingling, hair standing on end, and I'm 52! Same re-action when I first heard the song in 1984.
  • anas2228
    anas2228 1 місяць тому I am 57 😆
  • 1groovygreg
    1groovygreg 1 місяць тому Perfectly said, friend. I turned 52 this year as well, and this song never ceases to resonate.
  • Nitehork
    Nitehork 1 місяць тому I’m 52 as well, and still remember the first time I heard this song through headphones back in the mid-eighties. Still an amazing song. Even the extended versions are awesome that can be found on youtube. Do it properly and listen through headphones.
  • Micki Moritz
    Micki Moritz 1 місяць тому @Sean Morris Wish it was.. Never be another time like the 80s
  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris 2 місяці тому How did we get here? Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday.
  • Anton Martin
    Anton Martin 8 місяців тому British style never dies
  • Tom
    Tom 1 день тому @Jerati Fecalmatter nonsense daft c**t like we brits suffered badly before the EU you dunce so we will be better people for leaving that shite its for the best
  • Avid Fan
    Avid Fan 4 дні тому @Niamh Butler: They were from Liverpool, Lancashire, England. They were forged in England. Having a Scottish name does not make you Irish. He may also have much English blood in him. A name doesn't change anything.
  • Avid Fan
    Avid Fan 4 дні тому @Jerati Fecalmatter: I can sense the panic in that comment because you and the other Latin parasites know that when England leaves, the E. U. Will fall. 👌
  • steve markham
    steve markham 3 тижні тому knobhead@Jerati Fecalmatter
  • AJ
    AJ 1 місяць тому Jerati Fecalmatter Nice.
  • Eugene Murray
    Eugene Murray 1 місяць тому @FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL Fem a death camp control... Sounds like ya scared of women and gay people😂😂😂😂😂
  • Roonea NMJ
    Roonea NMJ 1 місяць тому @Linda Warwick If it sells it must be an official achievment of the Empire then :rolling_eyes:
  • clashx1
    clashx1 1 місяць тому @FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL LMFAO
  • Zig Zag
    Zig Zag 1 місяць тому @Eugene Murray Prefer to be Celtic myself
  • Mabawza Ritchie
    Mabawza Ritchie 1 місяць тому Jerati Fecalmatter we’ll do just fine treacle don’t worry just enjoy one of our islands great bands 👍🏻
  • Q & A
    Q & A 2 місяці тому FACTS oxoxo
  • k j
    k j 2 місяці тому @Niamh Butler he's British, born in Liverpool
  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 2 місяці тому English m8
  • me hee
    me hee 2 місяці тому Freedom leads to independent thought...say no to the evil European empire.
  • лунная собака
    лунная собака 2 місяці тому leaving the EU will not make british music any better. exept sleafort mods. I like thems.
  • Linda Warwick
    Linda Warwick 2 місяці тому What deal? British music sells worldwide not just in the EU
  • лунная собака
    лунная собака 2 місяці тому @Linda Warwick not without a deal you wouldn't
    FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL 2 місяці тому (змінено) Fucking bullshit Eugene. Johnson, Robinson, Jackson and every other surname ending in son is actually a Norse name. Millions of them in England. I suppose they arent English either right? Whereas Eugene is a gaylords name and scientifically proven to be so..
  • Job Guy
    Job Guy 2 місяці тому Ian McCulloch was born in Liverpool. That's what I meant when I called him English (born in England). I think he still lives there. The guy who sang on Reverberation was born in Belfast.
  • Eugene Murray
    Eugene Murray 2 місяці тому And there you go The usual shite Smith is an English name McCulloch is an Irish name. But those so named decide NOT YOU. Morrissey summed it up perfectly when he sang English Heart, Irish Blood. Anyways There is an old Irish saying It's not when you are from, Or where you are going Its where you are AT! By the way, who remembers the EU referring to our way of doing things as Hiberno Saxon Mmm Hibernia, from which we get the word Hibernate, mmm Sleepy Irish eh? Saxon mmm Second rate Germans mmm Rather be Anglo-Gaelic If all the same to you..
  • Job Guy
    Job Guy 3 місяці тому McCulloch wasn't Irish, but I think the guy who replaced him on the shitty Bunnymen album was.
    FEMADEATHCAMPCONTROL 3 місяці тому No he wasnt.
  • vista7
    vista7 3 місяці тому No doubt. The Brits have been ground breaking in some many genres of music.
  • Niamh Butler
    Niamh Butler 3 місяці тому they were Irish... Ian mculloch was Irish atleast
  • Linda Warwick
    Linda Warwick 3 місяці тому Big world out there . British music sells l all around the world .We have given the world some of the biggest bands of all time
  • Austin571
    Austin571 3 місяці тому Quite the opposite@Jerati Fecalmatter
  • Linda Warwick
    Linda Warwick 3 місяці тому British music will still do alright even when we leave the EU
  • Linda Warwick
    Linda Warwick 3 місяці тому Better back then than nowadays though
  • Jerati Fecalmatter
    Jerati Fecalmatter 4 місяці тому The Brits will die when they leave the EU
  • JF Maldonado
    JF Maldonado 7 місяців тому You mean never fails.
  • Human Rush
    Human Rush 1 день тому It is one of those rare songs that is dark and melancholic but ultimately uplifting. It will always be a classic.
  • optimat prime
    optimat prime 7 місяців тому the intro....oh my god still love it after all these melancholic, so tragic and so (donnie) darko!
  • The Swanks
    The Swanks 53 хвилини тому I started listening to this and immediately thought darko!
  • Kouy Shima
    Kouy Shima 9 місяців тому (змінено) Só precisei ouvir 30s pra já amar a música. E a arte do clipe é maravilhosa! * - * 💙
  • Marcin Nowakowski
    Marcin Nowakowski 4 місяці тому (змінено) I know this one because of Donnie Darko. Most recognizable song of whole movie. Few days ago I've heard this in local restaurant, and my mind goes away just when first sounds of this record showed up
  • maha77
    maha77 1 рік тому I remember being a teenager in 1985 and this song echoing in the background, takes me right back
  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Valentino Rossi I don't think vinyl was shipped to Australia back then because there was no Men At Work.. ;-)
  • Robo Cat
    Robo Cat 4 місяці тому (змінено) My buddy was a big echo and the bunnyman fan. The lads. Yes the 80s were an amazing time to be a teenager. This is a special song. I'm a fan to.
  • cosMICjester
    cosMICjester 4 місяці тому @20170712 112444 Damn dude take a xanax or do a few bong hits & calm the hell down. Talk about being a complete d0uchebag. Too funny some ornery old fossil calling folks incels. U probably haven't been laid in years that's why your such a sour little bitch
  • gnarly Harley
    gnarly Harley 4 місяці тому I was a high school freshman in 1985. The absolute best time to be alive!
  • cosMICjester
    cosMICjester 5 місяців тому I remember blasting Lips like Sugar in my pals 5.0 as we rocketed down route 50 heading to OC. I don't remember this song at all.
  • MysteryMachine 444
    MysteryMachine 444 5 місяців тому I remember being born in 1985 LOL.
  • Pete Lisson
    Pete Lisson 6 місяців тому So Aussie 80s. Sydney, Double J,
  • Nicole Rue
    Nicole Rue 6 місяців тому Yesss!!! 😁 my dad played it alot on his record player 1987 everyday. Love it!!!!! Best memories.
    TASOS 6 місяців тому so,we are 759 so far mate!!!
  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo 7 місяців тому I was 12 years old in 85... But didn't discover this until 87. Been a fan since.
  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana 7 місяців тому Troy znd Paul Vankomen .... omg I would dream of those two night and day in middle school ..!!! Dam
  • Mojo Juicer
    Mojo Juicer 7 місяців тому @ maha77 dammmn i was 9 in 85, just like you this brings me back
  • 20170712 112444
    20170712 112444 7 місяців тому maha77 (and the rest of you pimple-faced incels) Now think of this song as an adult if you have crossed that threshold yet.
  • Local Man
    Local Man 7 місяців тому I was 3
  • 20170712 112444
    20170712 112444 9 місяців тому maha77 I was a teenager in 1970 and so my experience of Echo and the Bunnymen doesn't count I suppose since they didn't exist until around 1978. So tired of your nostalgic reminiscences. For fuck's sake, you are barely middle-aged. Stop acting like some old geezer boring us with your glory days. Oh, and just to prove I can piss further than you I was listening to Echo and the Bunnymen in 1980.
  • Justin Pipes
    Justin Pipes 9 місяців тому @Siouxie Q love donnie darko. For a freshman effort it's pure genius. Richard Kelly's sophomore effort Southland Tales is fucking weird and awesome. I recommend it if you're into weirdly prophetic films.
  • zax reds
    zax reds 9 місяців тому Im a 75 babe. This was in the music collections of the girl i dated in highschool. She waz gr13 (OAC) n i waz gr 10. i remember it fondly
  • Stuart Barriskell
    Stuart Barriskell 10 місяців тому Ian McMillan was I...great times
  • HitchHikersBlues
    HitchHikersBlues 10 місяців тому We had Tears for Fears ;-)
  • little Legend
    little Legend 10 місяців тому I remember being a teenager in 2018 and this song echoing in the background, makes me feel like traveling 33 years back in time
  • angry ranger
    angry ranger 10 місяців тому Indeed. I get goose bumps thinking of old girlfriends when this plays.
  • liquidcactus
    liquidcactus 10 місяців тому I was born in 1985 :D
  • tiger1945
    tiger1945 11 місяців тому maha77 I was born in 78 I remember this song and all the other great 80s hits im so glad i got to go through the 80s what a time
  • Christian Colaco
    Christian Colaco 11 місяців тому raincicle great addition!
  • Tatjana Sim
    Tatjana Sim 11 місяців тому maha77 me too🎶❤
  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 11 місяців тому Katha von Wolfenstein I really pity you my friend..
  • Rosemary
    Rosemary 11 місяців тому Cool.
  • Lilien Calvel
    Lilien Calvel 11 місяців тому maha77 1985. I like that year.
  • Fred Walther
    Fred Walther 11 місяців тому maha77 : Funny that feeling is universal, cos even in small Switzerland we were listening to this in 86! & my daughter likes it!
  • raincicle
    raincicle 11 місяців тому mark simpson "goodbye horses" Q Lazarus
  • Resty Mervin Ponio
    Resty Mervin Ponio 11 місяців тому +Robbie Detour This was a 1984 song. This song was released on January 20, 1984.
  • mark simpson
    mark simpson 11 місяців тому in my top three of all time, along with this charming man and unfinished sympathy x
  • Khalidius
    Khalidius 1 рік тому Im a teenager now how do you think I feel
  • young 17
    young 17 1 рік тому maha77 u old
  • shona beggs
    shona beggs 1 рік тому Me too
  • Vincent Diaz
    Vincent Diaz 1 рік тому maha77 yes it does!
  • Paul Derbyshire
    Paul Derbyshire 1 рік тому u poor person.....
  • Bryleigh J
    Bryleigh J 1 рік тому ^ @ Katha von Wolfenstein
  • Bryleigh J
    Bryleigh J 1 рік тому ok but being a teenager in the early 2000s WAS pretty cool too
  • Robbie Detour
    Robbie Detour 1 рік тому maha77 I thought this was a 1984 song?
  • Inerphobic 53
    Inerphobic 53 1 рік тому Despite I was born in 1999, this music is my childhood.
  • Siouxie Q
    Siouxie Q 1 рік тому Justin Pipes Same!!! Let us take a moment of silence to reflect on that brilliantly batty film...
  • Siouxie Q
    Siouxie Q 1 рік тому maha77 I was born in '85 so this brings back Donnie Darko memories from when I was in High School. 🤣 Both of our HS memories involved this song. Brilliant.
  • Patrick McVeigh
    Patrick McVeigh 1 рік тому maha77 yep....great time to be a teenager
  • Ian McMillan
    Ian McMillan 1 рік тому I was 22 in 1985 and love this track. :-)
  • Justin Pipes
    Justin Pipes 1 рік тому I was born in 1985... But this song still reminds me of being a teenager. Appreciate it Donnie Darko.
  • Valentino Rossi
    Valentino Rossi 1 рік тому I was also but don't remember this song here in Australia. Would've loved it
  • Katha von Wolfenstein
    Katha von Wolfenstein 1 рік тому You guys are lucky. I was a teenager in 2005, enough said.
  • Gretchen Hansen
    Gretchen Hansen 1 рік тому Me too!!
  • TheColdWish
    TheColdWish 1 рік тому maha77 me too.
  • terry tibbs
    terry tibbs 8 місяців тому to quote Oscar Wilde ' Oh darling sugar honey, when it was nice and sunny, and when we had some money, we would go and see Echo and the'
  • Melissa
    Melissa 1 місяць тому since u left this world i belong to no one...
  • O'Ryan Begay
    O'Ryan Begay 4 місяці тому (змінено) 1:32 "Your lips a magic world, Your sky all hung with jewels" I say that to a girl, and she left me a 💗
    ZEUS CHOWIE 7 місяців тому Classic Song!! Another Great Band..That Was Highly Underappreciated
  • Larry nelmes
    Larry nelmes 1 рік тому I am 64 and this will always be one of my favourite tracks, god i wish i could go back in time to the eighties.
  • Rubber Mannequin
    Rubber Mannequin 2 місяці тому I'm 56 and I still get into pits.
  • Joyce Roberts
    Joyce Roberts 3 місяці тому We end stage Baby Boomers were the vanguard's of Punk, Goth and Emo. These millennials know nothing and owe us everything when it comes to alternative music.
  • Zanthxs
    Zanthxs 3 місяці тому 61 here and love this tune
  • Punk rock In the wrong hands
    Punk rock In the wrong hands 3 місяці тому Im 107 and I also love this track.
  • William Shipley
    William Shipley 3 місяці тому Larry nelmes you had tv naah just kidding
  • Gary Russell
    Gary Russell 3 місяці тому Ditto
  • Matt Aaron
    Matt Aaron 3 місяці тому Dont give up Larry! You're probably just a few parts away from building a time machine. Trytrytrytrytrytry!
  • Sultan Jelle
    Sultan Jelle 3 місяці тому Y’all just wish you could go back to get that STRONG boner
  • Riley Donohoo
    Riley Donohoo 4 місяці тому SAME BRO! a lot of good times experimenting with a couple of good fellas
  • Tim King
    Tim King 4 місяці тому @-TriP- 😂
  • -TriP-
    -TriP- 4 місяці тому who let the pensioners out? 😉
  • redk78
    redk78 4 місяці тому Nice one chaps
  • Reggie Dakat
    Reggie Dakat 4 місяці тому You and me both brother!!!
  • Scott Mc Fadyen
    Scott Mc Fadyen 4 місяці тому Us 60ts eh
  • John Delmos
    John Delmos 4 місяці тому im 60 and love this
  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 6 місяців тому good times pal.
  • nailton rocha cordeiro
    nailton rocha cordeiro 6 місяців тому I can easily remember each new friend of the 80's.
  • Peter Eric Williams
    Peter Eric Williams 7 місяців тому I am 60 and still love 80s music.
  • Midnight Owl
    Midnight Owl 8 місяців тому Larry nelmes the 80s were the best
  • old wrench
    old wrench 8 місяців тому Larry nelmes agree. At 61 it is a reminder to how good music was from the 60's thru the 80's Quality never goes out of style!
  • Raul Fernandez
    Raul Fernandez 4 місяці тому Donnie Darko was based on the lyrics of Mad World, but this fits perfectly with theme and 80's New Wave of the film