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Looks like the series is over for now. Until next comic will I make the last one, now that will be something. I hope you've all enjoyed my videos so far. I've been reading all of your comments, they bring such joy and happiness to my life.
It may not seem jurasstic to most of you for just saying "nice vid". A small gesture goes a long way, and it benefits both sides of the story. My gratitude is shown through my content, that I'm hoping makes you smile in return.

Have a nice day everyone, see you later.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RcsD...

Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7ZsB...

Comic 6: http://www.teamfortress.com/tf06_then...

  • Просто попугайчик
    Просто попугайчик 1 рік тому Rise and centerius??
  • Michael4201
    Michael4201 5 місяців тому who knew they sounded so good together
  • MeMesauria πGŁĮTĆHĘĐTMπ
  • Juice Electro
    Juice Electro 5 місяців тому cuz it IS
  • agentfreshdasquid 35
    agentfreshdasquid 35 6 місяців тому They are the tfc mercs. In these comics, the tf classic mercs are the villains
  • Mystical_Maze 52
    Mystical_Maze 52 6 місяців тому Because they are tf2 classic
  • Just Drawers
    Just Drawers 10 місяців тому (змінено) They sure did
  • 1950's nostalgics
    1950's nostalgics 2 роки тому darn it, yt says that the video is not avaiable... well, i guess it's a good video as always
  • R. Q. 2.0
    R. Q. 2.0 1 рік тому It's pretty much the comic from the tf2 team but with awesome music!
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 2 роки тому 1950's nostalgics aw.... sorry you can't see the vid. You have my full sympathy
  • Karissa Ammon
    Karissa Ammon 1 рік тому notices me senpai 😳😍😘💜💙💚❤💛😁
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 1 рік тому Karissa Ammon NOTICING 😳😍
  • Jenny Wakeman
    Jenny Wakeman 2 місяці тому tf2 best games 2007 i'm love this song ^.^
  • waver no
    waver no 10 місяців тому Holu feck the parts with no words are slow but the ones with words are to fast but its good
  • Rainbow Punch
    Rainbow Punch 1 рік тому Admimstrator is robot or cybrog or anything else?
  • Romnick Ayuso
    Romnick Ayuso 10 місяців тому heavy is full of rage because medic is been killed
  • KacpX Animations
    KacpX Animations 10 місяців тому Omfg skillet <3
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 10 місяців тому you know it
  • Lola Girl
    Lola Girl 1 рік тому Love comics 💜💜
  • clownbowser
    clownbowser 2 роки тому words cannot describe how much i love this
  • star cz
    star cz 1 рік тому Jak se jmenuje ta písnička
  • owen slendy
    owen slendy 1 рік тому rothboy i
  • True _sss
    True _sss 1 рік тому rothboy Aew
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 2 роки тому Vater Nix I'm honored to hear such a feeling that is possible to occur in this video! Makes me excited, thank you so much for commenting
  • Adrian Shepard
    Adrian Shepard 1 рік тому Demon - Doc..I need so... Doc - I know I know...So wait Im Will Back Soon!
  • SuperBird
    SuperBird 2 роки тому I feel like something's wrong Then I checked the likes Where did they go
  • Andra Farhanandra
    Andra Farhanandra 6 днів тому So this is how you make game
  • Gracie Woodrum
    Gracie Woodrum 2 місяці тому (змінено) Man I cryed so hard when medic died 😭😰
  • Lea Marcotte
    Lea Marcotte 2 роки тому Oh yeah! Thank you so much for all of the GMV about the comic :3 that was awesome ! ^w^I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future!
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 2 роки тому Lea Marcotte it's no biggy. I fully enjoy making then all, and seeing what you have to say. Each response gives me hope my friend. Take care :)
  • Winter In May
    Winter In May 2 роки тому My god that was beautiful! Definitely worth the wait! I love this! XD ~MayFox
  • Addicted Time
    Addicted Time 2 роки тому Winter In May haha so glad to hear! Thank you so much for your support <3
  • Rodel Galoso
    Rodel Galoso 2 тижні тому 0:00 miss Pauling is stuck in sand
  • Jenny Wakeman
    Jenny Wakeman 2 місяці тому im love this gmv 3>
  • CJ_Times_2
    CJ_Times_2 1 рік тому This is AMAZING +1 like