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Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango (Full Album)

Published on Jun 28, 2017 1,603,585 views

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00:00 Queremos paz
05:15 Época
09:44 Chunga's revenge
14:46 Tríptico
23:12 Santa María (del Buen Ayre)
29:10 Una música brutal
33:22 El capitalismo foráneo
39:35 Last tango in Paris
45:25 La del ruso
51:48 Vuelvo al sur

Gotan Project's discography :
La revancha del tango (2001) :
Inspiración Espiración (2004) :
Lunático (2006) :
Gotan Project Live (2008) :
Tango 3.0 (2010) :
Tango 3.0 (live) (2010) :
La Revancha en Cumbia (2011) :
Club Secreto (Remix album) (2014) :
Club Secreto Vol.2 (Remix album) (2017) :

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¡Ya Basta! Records

    ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΜΠΟΖΗΣ 4 місяці тому (змінено) it was 2002 or 2003 i think... i entered a cd store in Eltham, London, Queremos paz was playing. that was it! An all time favorite added to my soul!
  • Gianmaria Frenna
    Gianmaria Frenna 1 тиждень тому Dopo tre anni che non la vedevo e tre giorni di malattia della mia gattina Maria. Avvelenata dalla Perpetua. Dimostra d'avere tempra d'acciaio, umiltà e carattere. E' bella più di prima. Quasi me ne vado a riposare in clinica sperando di rimaner iper connesso ma adesso il mondo può aspettare. Ci si vede a Santa Liberata #gitanahermosa #27 Unica ansia è quella di dover e saper smettere di fumare: Uè ma tutto apposto?
  • Jonathan Rodríguez
    Jonathan Rodríguez 2 дні тому That was Hugo Chávez saying "queremos paz" in the 0:50 minute? That's awful.
  • Gaspard Rojo
    Gaspard Rojo 2 роки тому definition of a perfect album, that makes me relax, dance & dream.
  • Flippy Game Play
    Flippy Game Play 6 місяців тому i mean feel like a girl LOL
  • Aleks S
    Aleks S 11 місяців тому Kevin, if you look very closely in the keyboard you might notice that n and m are very close... in a hurry, excitement it is quite easy to miss a letter. So don't be a fick.
  • Kevin Pouliot
    Kevin Pouliot 1 рік тому I mean, perfect words... you can't even spell the band name right.
  • Bozidar Alic
    Bozidar Alic 1 рік тому perfect words for gotam project and their songs!
  • cryo shock
    cryo shock 1 рік тому (змінено) I cannot describe how happy I am that you guys actually upload your albums for free. I heard Queremos Paz a long time ago, actually a girl caught me with that track :D, and instantly I felt how timeless and beautifully mixed this track is... When you like electronic music in direction of Downtempo, then this album is one of the three ones that you propose to a friend, or maybe even your partner in spe. Thank you very much Brifo, Christoph H. Müller, Eduardo Makaroff, Laurent Briffaux, Paul Lazar, Philippe Cohen...
  • Sukriti Singh
    Sukriti Singh 1 місяць тому After the first 10 seconds I was sure it was going to be INCREDIBLE all the way through
  • La Police de la Pensée
    La Police de la Pensée 3 тижні тому Je n'ai jamais eu l'occasion de le dire, alors j'en profite : Bravo !
  • Jos Fonteijn
    Jos Fonteijn 10 місяців тому This is the perfect music for all occasions!
  • MBloch Foodie Vlogs
    MBloch Foodie Vlogs 4 місяці тому Even murder :p
  • Anka Tümkaya
    Anka Tümkaya 9 місяців тому a little girl was in love she forgot anything then we woke up suddenly she rises she sees clearly everything was in love when in love been in love is in love flower in love discovered in love no more falls to traps was in love he arts are 1 now
  • Edmilson Silva
    Edmilson Silva 4 місяці тому Queremos contruir uma vida melhor pra nosso povo #elenunca
  • Marcia Muñoz
    Marcia Muñoz 6 місяців тому Música año nuevo
  • Natalia Santana C.
    Natalia Santana C. 2 роки тому ¡De los mejores sonidos y piezas musicales! Muchas gracias por compartirlo y hacer que se erice la piel.
  • Camilla Ribeiro
    Camilla Ribeiro 2 роки тому I'd love so much to see a gotan project concert 😭❤️
  • wisekraks
    wisekraks 8 місяців тому To see them... and dance, too.
  • Eng. Mateus Pool
    Eng. Mateus Pool 1 рік тому Este CD é maravilhoso. Um dos poucos grupos musicais que conseguiu me conquistar na primeira audição. Muito obrigado pelo upload, ainda que eu preserve comigo todos os CDs de Gotan Project. Saudações desde o sul do Brasil!
  • gypsygirl731
    gypsygirl731 4 місяці тому step forward back forward back wiggle side to side cha cha cha dance ~👍
  • Laurinda Silva
    Laurinda Silva 1 рік тому grande álbum.faz parte da banda sonora da minha vida. Obrigada Gotan 😘
  • Patricia DUBOIS
    Patricia DUBOIS 1 рік тому j'adore particulièrement La Revancha del Tango avec Lunatica....envie de danser, de rêver,d'oublier la grisaille du monde ...
  • mib kad
  • Nelson G.
    Nelson G. 2 роки тому I love this album!
  • Tracey Rhoades
    Tracey Rhoades 7 місяців тому I cannot understand a single word of this but it's pure bliss ♡♡♡
  • francisco soto
    francisco soto 1 тиждень тому Siempre la buena música falta. Si te falta más de Gotan, está también Bajo Fondo Tango Club. Magníficos!!
  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright 2 роки тому Wow thanks for uploading!
  • Rustem Sadvakassov
    Rustem Sadvakassov 1 рік тому one of the greatest albums of 2000s... and it goes as smooth nowadays as back in the days of its release