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Top 20 Most Romantic Movie Moments (Part 1)

Published on Sep 2, 2018 603,042 views

Due to popular request! Let me know your favourites!

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  • Violet Express
    Violet Express 3 місяці тому that thumbnail looks too much like natasha and steve
  • Alaa Eltoni
    Alaa Eltoni 3 тижні тому @violet express I thought so too lol😂😂 I was like: “There was a kiss scene of them and marvel hid it from us?!”
  • hayfahbulous
    hayfahbulous 3 тижні тому omg exactly!!!
  • Johanna Cortez
    Johanna Cortez 1 місяць тому Violet Express exactly what i thought
  • Vanessa Guddemi
    Vanessa Guddemi 1 місяць тому Violet Express THATS WHAT I THOUGHT
  • oh shoot a rat
    oh shoot a rat 1 місяць тому Violet Express RIGHT
  • Maddie lanzi
    Maddie lanzi 2 місяці тому (змінено) Yaaaaasssss I wish it was.....(crying) Promote the ship
  • Melanie Mel Wolfwell
    Melanie Mel Wolfwell 2 місяці тому yess
  • Arthy Kengadaran
    Arthy Kengadaran 2 місяці тому THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUG 😂😂😂
  • SailorMoon
    SailorMoon 3 місяці тому Violet Express samee
  • AestheticKxyla Xx
    AestheticKxyla Xx 9 годин тому POTC Will and Elizabeth should have been on here
  • MforMovesets
    MforMovesets 6 місяців тому 4:11 Pneumonia here I come!
  • SomeNames Taken
    SomeNames Taken 3 тижні тому I couldn't make it past your first scene. THAT'S part of your top 20?
  • Mallow278
    Mallow278 4 місяці тому I would've liked to have seen the 'Divergent' kiss scene, but whatever... I LOVE 'Me Before You'. Haven't seen it in a while though, I'll have to re-watch it sometimes. Hopefully this time I'll remember to bring tissues with me! XD
  • mac daddy
    mac daddy 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Number 20 , 19 & 18 don't belong here. No chemistry at all.
  • Tristen Prescott
    Tristen Prescott 4 місяці тому Lmao when Aurora and Jim try to kiss but their spacesuits blocks them 😂😂😂
  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 6 місяців тому 17:34 I know exactly how Leonardo feels in this scene. I’ve had an undying crush on Claire Danes since My So Called Life came out.
  • A.B.B.A Eilish
    A.B.B.A Eilish 5 місяців тому Elisa Valentina They did
  • Elisa Valentina
    Elisa Valentina 5 місяців тому Joseph Miller I thought they hated each other on set 🤔
  • Moon Dahoon
    Moon Dahoon 5 місяців тому I aleays thought Leonardo Was like SUPÉR FUCKING HOT!!! xD
  • A.B.B.A Eilish
    A.B.B.A Eilish 5 місяців тому Joseph Miller Claire is soooo lucky! Even tho they hate each other irl
  • Mark Woodley
    Mark Woodley 3 місяці тому 16:35 personally I think this scene is 💯👌🏼
  • ystang ._.
    ystang ._. 1 місяць тому The only reason I clicked into this video is because the thumbnail looks like Steve and Natasha
  • El _
    El _ 3 місяці тому The first one is scarlet Johansson.??
  • xilish edits
    xilish edits 3 місяці тому yes :)
  • Shaune Kaiser
    Shaune Kaiser 9 місяців тому Thank you! You made a really nice selection.
  • Crystal 326 Carcaci
    Crystal 326 Carcaci 2 місяці тому 18:40 RICK!
  • Labyirnth II
    Labyirnth II 4 місяці тому Oh man. The Romeo+Juliet one just sticks out
  • Renee Hull
    Renee Hull 5 місяців тому If you ever do another one of these, consider Lewis and Lila from August Rush 😍
  • Elena Williams
  • Lydia LeBooof
    Lydia LeBooof 5 місяців тому FRIG YEAH!!!
  • Raindrop Da Dragon
    Raindrop Da Dragon 2 місяці тому Leo is beautifl xD
  • Oby Vanessa
    Oby Vanessa 1 місяць тому Cameron daiz's eyes!!! Whew!
  • The Fitness Life
    The Fitness Life 6 місяців тому Where is the girl next door kiss scene?
  • Hanna Linehan
    Hanna Linehan 3 тижні тому 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍💋😍💋😍💖
  • Hanna Linehan
    Hanna Linehan 3 тижні тому @The Old Soul hay
  • The Old Soul
    The Old Soul 4 місяці тому I know it's also one of my favourites!! So many to choose from!
  • Anonymous Stranger
    Anonymous Stranger 5 місяців тому 10:45😔😭😭😭😭
  • shawn burnham
    shawn burnham 1 місяць тому 18