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Hardest Hitters in Boxing Over The Last Decade

Published on Apr 20, 2017 927,888 views
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In boxing, it's definitely possible to be a great fighter without great punching power. Defensive genius Willie Pep, for instance, had a ratio of just 27 percent, but he appears high on any credible all-time, pound-for-pound ranking.

But big power sure helps make things even in a hurry or else make sure they never get even in the first place.

Just as in baseball, where the best offensive strategy is ultimately a three-run homer, in boxing, nothing is more efficient than simply knocking your opponent out.

  • amazinggrace863
    amazinggrace863 2 роки тому wladimir klitchkov knocked dudes eyes crooked. lmao.
  • TheMowieStar
    TheMowieStar 2 роки тому godamm wladimir hits like a train
  • DonOneBryson
    DonOneBryson 1 місяць тому @Mr. Volts shame he only really had that 1-2. 1-2 then the left hook. Jesus Christ he knew how to use them though, even though people knew they where his crutch he could time them so perfectly there's nothing you could do.
  • Mr. Volts
    Mr. Volts 4 місяці тому The best 1-2 in heavyweight boxing.
  • FreedomandRights4US
    FreedomandRights4US 6 місяців тому @MarkPaul Bagsit i dont know what planet you live on but i dont anyone who underrates WK
  • MarkPaul Bagsit
    MarkPaul Bagsit 8 місяців тому And very underrated
  • tmd Dunk
    tmd Dunk 2 роки тому lol the eyes on that dude when wladimir klitschko put a right hand on him
  • XDhunterXD
    XDhunterXD 2 роки тому I think wlad is one of the best boxers ever
  • always awesome
    always awesome 2 роки тому what about Charlie Z. ?
  • Richard Pavlik
    Richard Pavlik 3 місяці тому always awesome he's to good to be on the list, he has pamdemic power.
  • Derrick Shepard
    Derrick Shepard 10 місяців тому anatoli shaw fuck Charlie Z
  • Anthony Harness
    Anthony Harness 1 тиждень тому Couple years and Nikita Abibay will be on this list. Watch.
  • Badge Man
    Badge Man 2 роки тому Joshua vs Wilder       Somebody make it happen
  • Don Fields
    Don Fields 1 місяць тому Rarely if ever hsve i commented about too much editing, but in this case some of these eere simply to short to truly take in the moment fully.
  • Rafal Soboczynski
    Rafal Soboczynski 1 рік тому Wilder a lot of power but zero technique, thats how i imagine Mayweather v McGregor fight.
  • Be Jaysus
    Be Jaysus 1 рік тому Andy Lee "A BOI DA KID" 👍
  • aizen amacna
    aizen amacna 1 рік тому Manny pacqiauo ?
  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 1 рік тому Valero killer in and out of the ring
  • b Studler
    b Studler 2 роки тому MIKKEL KESSLER!!!!
  • Pintkonan
    Pintkonan 2 роки тому i'd take a hit by everyone except the klitschko brothers. they are scary, like if they were a cancelled project of the soviets to create a mutant super hero fighter and after the wall came down they had no more use for them and let them box :o
  • André .T
    André .T 8 місяців тому he has the records of the HW with most title defenses, what does that tell you about the 'shit chin'. Lennox, W Klitschko and Joshua all have an average chin, but great fighters no how to overcome that handicap.
  • HitProof
    HitProof 9 місяців тому Slavic Power
  • DrShittyBottomHammer
    DrShittyBottomHammer 1 рік тому Shampuli I will say wlad impressed me in this fight, no one can question his courage
  • Shampsuli
    Shampsuli 1 рік тому DrShittyBottomHammer Wlads chin isn't maybe the best one but shit? No way. He has took some big shots during his career and the latest one with AJ. That uppercut that ended the fight would have dropped 90% boxers dead cold but wlad stood up even tho fight was stopped short after.
  • DrShittyBottomHammer
    DrShittyBottomHammer 1 рік тому with a shit chin
  • elliot granger
    elliot granger 1 рік тому klitschko hits much harder than joshua josh beats people with combos wlad knocks people cold with one punch
  • Edgie Braahhh
    Edgie Braahhh 1 рік тому steve cambridge Joshua certainly isnt a reaö power puncher
  • steve cambridge
    steve cambridge 1 рік тому You'd take a hit from Joshua?
  • unbornbum
    unbornbum 2 роки тому They used to swim in radioactive water in the Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster... mutants indeed.
  • HitProof
    HitProof 10 місяців тому I love the fact that all Klitschko's knockouts are short left jab and long right jab
  • Bobby Brode
    Bobby Brode 2 роки тому 10 years...No Kelly Pavlik?
  • Jo Joe
    Jo Joe 4 місяці тому TRUE --he was HUGE puncher .
  • Pede Meyer
    Pede Meyer 3 місяці тому (змінено) A title that says decade without an actual timereference creates confusion in a very short time!
  • John Robert
    John Robert 2 роки тому right hand ever.
  • Yennox
    Yennox 1 рік тому Hearns had a better right hand.
  • XDhunterXD
    XDhunterXD 2 роки тому (змінено) they are both really good. But vitali ''was'' good now its only wlad so he is the best now
  • Predrag Sisko
    Predrag Sisko 2 роки тому XDhunterXD Vitali is best
  • XDhunterXD
    XDhunterXD 2 роки тому correction wlad is the best xDD
  • J Dub
    J Dub 4 місяці тому No Amir Imam? Even as honorable mention?
  • 4MyNextTick
    4MyNextTick 2 роки тому Andy Lee showed real class