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The Tiger Lillies ~ Release Me

Published on May 16, 2013 460,365 views
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The Tiger Lillies - Hamlet (2012)

  • Al Palpo
    Al Palpo 3 роки тому Sweet suicide release me From all of this pain Another night of torment Never sunshine always rain And it never helps the kindness That people try to show Just makes it feel more tragic Release me let me go I am drowning in the greyness Suffocating in this grief Tell me my life is not mine to take Go ahead, call me a thief And it never helps the kindness That people try to show Just makes it feel more tragic Release me let me go I'm drowning in the pain That my life does make Broken spirit broken soul No more can I take I'm drowning in the moonbeams The blackest night Reflecting a glass I give up the fight Swallowed up With no air to breathe Broken by your words How they deceive the poisoned by revenge And bitter spite I don’t care if you're right Don't care if you're wrong or right There the water it beckons me An early grave that waits for me |:Sweet suicide release me :| Release me let me go
  • chuck70k
    chuck70k 2 роки тому +NDudeStrong this song in not the exit from or the answer how to, this song is expression. Glad to hear that it's alright with you.
  • laladieladada
    laladieladada 3 роки тому +Al Palpo "Just makes it feel more tragic" = "Just makes me feel more tragic" edit: oh, many more mistakes i c now.... nvm =)
  • BadgeurM0B
    BadgeurM0B 3 роки тому for those who cant find the light, the dark keeps us safe sometimes and isn't always a bad thing it depends on what you take into the dark with you.
  • donbovie
    donbovie 1 рік тому Never underestimate the power of warm blanket
  • Panos Provts
    Panos Provts 2 роки тому (змінено) The dark is a blanket of your thoughts, can be warm can be cold, but in the end it will take away all, clean you and set you free from all. While throwing you in your knees so you can stand again, make the first step... again.
  • LaLaa P
    LaLaa P 1 рік тому ისე გადავიდა თვეებში წლებში რომ არც ერთხელ - ფიქრიც არ გამიცვლია . ერთი მუსიკით და 500-მდე ასეთი ღამით ვცხოვრობდი . ... გააქრე.
  • Happy Dreamer
    Happy Dreamer 7 місяців тому <3
  • Zura Tsnobiladze
    Zura Tsnobiladze 1 рік тому LaLaa P კარგი გოგო ხარ შენ.
  • Ludwig Purple
    Ludwig Purple 4 роки тому That's just utterly beautiful, one of my all time favourites.
  • Maya Tsitaishvili
    Maya Tsitaishvili 3 роки тому the best song ever!!
  • Karen P
    Karen P 4 роки тому Stunning ~ the dark dwelling within us ~ feeling the light and shade of deep emotions. Beautiful.
  • 12boocat
    12boocat 4 роки тому the tiger lillies appeal to my sad side, I need that balance, I guess.
  • Ester Posillipo
    Ester Posillipo 2 роки тому (змінено) awesome poetry my best friend would have loved it This is so strong, he's listening to it
  • Daniel garcia vargas
    Daniel garcia vargas 10 місяців тому Dulce suicidio, libérame De todo este dolor Otra noche de tormento Nunca amanece, siempre llueve. Y nunca ayuda la bondad Que la gente intenta demostrar Simplemente me hace sentir más trágico Libérame, déjame partir. Ahogándome en lo sombrío Sofocado en este dolor Dime que mi vida no es mía para tomarla Llámame ladrón. Ahogándome en el dolor Que mi vida provoca Espíritu roto, alma rota No puedo hacer más. Ahogándome en los destellos de la luna De la noche más negra Reflejada en el cristal, eso es todo Renuncio a la lucha. Tragado Sin aire para respirar Roto por tus palabras ¿Cómo pudiste mentir? Estoy envenenado de venganza Y rencor amargo. No importa si te equivocas O si tienes la razón El agua me llama Una tumba temprana espera por mí. Dulce suicidio, libérame De toda esta miseria Dulce suicidio, libérame Hazme libre Hazme libre Hazme libre.
  • theodoros panagiotidis
    theodoros panagiotidis 5 місяців тому Thanks for the lyrics
  • tamar mebuke
    tamar mebuke 4 роки тому where can i find piano notes of this song? if one knows it, please let me know.  thanks. 
  • Lola Nino
    Lola Nino 2 роки тому Totally out of my comfort zone, BUT LUV IT!! Gracias!
  • MajicWorks
    MajicWorks 6 місяців тому Amazing voice. Only one other person should sing this and that's Billie Holiday
  • Riva Levina Palagi
    Riva Levina Palagi 2 роки тому I'm drowning in these sounds and I can't help it
  • Mic
    Mic 4 роки тому To echo the thoughts below, this is my mood as well......and I love it.
  • Monica Charry
    Monica Charry 3 роки тому Muy bella propuesta sonora y visual!! encantadoramente melancolica! :) Amazing!
  • mariam tsiklauri
    mariam tsiklauri 3 роки тому bravoooooo!
  • Anna Eliava
    Anna Eliava 4 роки тому the best of all 
  • Zura Tsnobiladze
    Zura Tsnobiladze 2 роки тому Orgasm 🙏🏻
  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez 5 років тому Como engañan los envenenados por la venganza :( ....
    JEFF WATSON 5 років тому Love this song. It's amazing, heartfelt.
  • john mcdermott
    john mcdermott 5 років тому Thanks for the nice slide into Friday night. I hope all is well.