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Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend (From 2009 To 2018) - Who Has Robert Pattinson Dated?

Published on Oct 4, 2018 62,934 views

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Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend (From 2009 To 2018) - Who Has Robert Pattinson Dated?

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  • Christo Tirariray
    Christo Tirariray 3 місяці тому Plllssssss come back twilight .. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Bela and Edward miss you.
  • Jazira loves unique
    Jazira loves unique 3 дні тому Child Issa done.
  • SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_
    SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_ 3 місяці тому Christo Tirariray You’re Fricken right BABY!!!!
  • Paulina Spiderbaer
    Paulina Spiderbaer 5 місяців тому Forever Kristen And Robert
  • Hannah Elisabeth
    Hannah Elisabeth 3 місяці тому ClASSiCK GiRLS Agree! I hope they really get back togheter🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍😍🤩
  • Hannah Elisabeth
    Hannah Elisabeth 3 місяці тому Paulina Spiderbaer Yes!😍
  • SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_
    SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_ 3 місяці тому (змінено) Paulina Spiderbaer RIGHT!!! I mean we all know that Kristen Messed up and Robert was so hurt it made me cry so much because he loved her and he didn’t deserve that But they say Now that Robert forgave her and know they’re friends and text each other everyday I hope they get back together and Kristen learned from her past mistakes and she’ll be loyal I know it might sound selfish I mean What about they’re other partners now well maybe there partners will see that they still have feelings for each other
  • aree hiakita
    aree hiakita 5 місяців тому That doesn't add up he was dating Kristen Stewart in 2009-2013 and it said he was dating that Jessica girl and Katy Perry in 2012 so unless he was cheating on Kristen this is a false claim
  • Doggo Bear
    Doggo Bear 1 місяць тому He never dated Katy Perry wtf??Even katy herself said they were good friends and even saw him a a brother
  • Lexi LuLu
    Lexi LuLu 1 місяць тому He and Kristen i think were on and off so maybe that is how that happened
  • Tammy Dugger
    Tammy Dugger 2 місяці тому I don't think he dated all of them. At least two of them had been confirmed by him to be just friends. He and Suki Waterhouse were together last, maybe even still and they didn't even include her lol
  • V eesel
    V eesel 5 місяців тому On and off I’d assume they were cheating on each other anyway
  • Jeanneke Kayaert
    Jeanneke Kayaert 6 місяців тому Why should we actually care about celebrities relationships?
  • SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_
    SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_ 3 місяці тому Because they look perfect and better than our own sucky single lives
  • leilamae
    leilamae 3 місяці тому It amuses our boring lives.
  • Kasia W
    Kasia W 6 місяців тому Robertpattinson love you kristenstewart ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Yourłocalbïsh Î
    Yourłocalbïsh Î 4 місяці тому He is not dating Emma
  • Yoo Na Thomassen
    Yoo Na Thomassen 5 місяців тому Rob and kristen best ❤
  • Hannah Elisabeth
    Hannah Elisabeth 3 місяці тому (змінено) ?Why: He was dating Kristen from 2009-2013, but apparently he was dating 2 girls in 2012?!🤣🤣🤨
  • Elaiza mae Germono
    Elaiza mae Germono 3 місяці тому Robet is steal happy when he see Kristen
  • Asit Ghosh
    Asit Ghosh 2 місяці тому I want that Kristen and Rob patch up 🙂🙂
  • Tsehay Ali
    Tsehay Ali 10 годин тому Go to hell Kristin and Edward I am in love with someone
  • Shaqila ps
    Shaqila ps 3 місяці тому WHO IS FROM POTTERHEAD?? (im potterhead too)
  • Diggorylove
    Diggorylove 3 тижні тому Yup!
  • thotiana wigster
    thotiana wigster 3 місяці тому Cho is sad
    MAJID SIDDIQUI 4 місяці тому I love kristen and robert
  • 《Gladion》 S
  • SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_
    SheDoesn’tEvenGoHere_ 3 місяці тому Most of what I can see of these comments are all Kristen and Robert shippers we all know that 99.99% of you guys are Twilight fan girls/boys and I don’t disagree because I am too but I am gladly here to say that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are friends and text daily and hopefully from the Twilight Gods and all that is supposed to be right Gods (cause honestly Them without each other isn’t right) they’ll be together again let’s all pray
  • Anna Nguyễn
    Anna Nguyễn 1 місяць тому Wait!!! Rob stopped with kris 2013 Butttt he started with jessica 2012 ??? I can’t understand that
  • Pastel Kay
    Pastel Kay 4 місяці тому The second girl looks twelve 😂
  • Babcia Gosia
    Babcia Gosia 1 місяць тому Piekna Kristen Stewart Love you Robert Pattinson ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Drazico
    Drazico 3 місяці тому Robsten forever. I wish they get back together they were so perfect together 🙁😞
  • Shelby Ramirez
    Shelby Ramirez 3 місяці тому Kristen. Stewart. Birthday. Tomorrow. Happy. Birthday Kristen Stewart.