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The Evolution of Snowing (Part 1)

Published on May 27, 2018 8,299 views

This is the first part of the video I split it in half because it was to long. The first half is up to when the curse happens. Hope you enjoy let me know what you think.

Part two will be out very soon hopefully by next week!

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  • Caitlin de Stadler
    Caitlin de Stadler 1 рік тому I love this video. It is absolutely amazing.
  • Captain Swan123
    Captain Swan123 1 рік тому Caitlin de Stadler thanks for watching!
  • Caitlin de Stadler
    Caitlin de Stadler 1 рік тому Looking forward to the next part! Hope you have a good evening.
  • Laura Romano
    Laura Romano 1 місяць тому I love you guys !! ♥♥♥♥
  • Gessica Melo
    Gessica Melo 3 місяці тому Aaaaa amazing
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    Gavin James 1 рік тому Hey! Please can you email, there's something I'd love to chat to you about, Gav x