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Hook & Emma || 101 Reasons to Never Forget Captain Swan (Tribute).

Published on Oct 13, 2017 29,973 views

Here we are, finally. In just a few hours now, Captain Swan's fate will be sealed.

I know I talked a lot about this vid, said it would come sooner (I was actually supposed to post it last week, before season 7 premiere) but I got stucked and managed to finish it only a few days ago.

I suppose I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I'm still not. Especially after the huge wonderful spoilers we got for tonight's episode.

But anyways. I got really emotional while making this, remembering their whole journey, all they went through, and how far they've come. I'll never forget them. And no matter what happens tonight, how they'll end their story... I'll always love them.

I hope you'll like this vid, and actually enjoy watching 15 minutes full of Captain Swan haha! I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the people who got involved in it, helping me finding those 101 reasons to never forget them (and there are many more of course, I couldn't put them all in here, you can't possibly summarise 5 years of the best love story ever told in just 15 minutes, that's impossible):

CaptainSwan Forever, Morethanjustaplum, Annalena, The LastMidnight, Brit La Fritz, DaydreamINx (sorry, I did it again – I mispelled your name haha...), Imagination Magic, Bones16, Katie L., Chloe Marie, Spellbound, ssimplychloee, Julia CONFAIS, Alejandra Gonzales, Raquel V. Maythenand, Captain Swan, ExNedu, 2Tink85, Rania Hassan, Jolecokav Ve, hligh, EnchantedxMoments.

(I'm sorry, I see I forgot to put a lot of your names in the vid itself, and it took me so much time to render it I just can't do it again but really, thanks a lot for your ideas y'all!!!)

This is dedicated to all the CSers out there... let's enjoy our last episode tonight, and remember all the great things those two gave us during the past few years too ♥

- - -

Fandom: Once Upon a Time.
Couple: Killian Jones & Emma Swan-Jones (Captain Swan).
Coloring made by:
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  • Ana B
    Ana B 1 рік тому These two would never be forgotten
  • Isabella Rahal
    Isabella Rahal 3 місяці тому And I hope they never will be
  • Lucy’s Life
    Lucy’s Life 6 місяців тому ikrrrrr!!!
  • Samuel Hill
    Samuel Hill 1 рік тому (змінено) Welcome to the ROLLY JODGER😂
  • Manoek van Vlimmeren
    Manoek van Vlimmeren 1 рік тому I'm crying so hard right now
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Sorry :3
  • xxFallenDreamsxx
    xxFallenDreamsxx 1 рік тому OMG why did I wait till after 7x2 to watch this video??? I"m totally crying right now all over again....(should have watched it a day ago when you sent it early) Ahhh this was so beautiful though, and brought back so many amazing memories. I'm going to miss them so much!!! I'm so glad they got their happy ending but noooo I don't want it to be the end.... And the quotes you used for that made me cry more xD (not sure what movie they're from though) Love how you added the Jen&Colin scenes at the end because It made me laugh again <3 Thanks for taking the time to make this amazing tribute that was well needed ^^
  • Temere
    Temere 10 місяців тому Completely agree
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank youuuu, I'm glad you liked it ♥ And sorry for the feels haha. I really don't want it to be the end either... And the quotes at the beginning and the end of the vid are from Winnie the Pooh xD
  • Stephanie Romeo
    Stephanie Romeo 1 рік тому This is literally the best thing I saw on Youtube. I'm seriously not just saying that because it's so true. We are not ready to say goodbye. They're amazing. We're going to miss them. I absolutely love this so so so so much I can't describe. Just like Emma It's AMAZING!!! ❤😭❤😭❤
  • Lucy’s Life
    Lucy’s Life 6 місяців тому its been a year and I still feel like this... I cant believe it ended I am still so sad
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank you so, so much for your kind words, it means a lot ♥ And they'll definitively be missed indeed!!
  • Emma Kavanagh
    Emma Kavanagh 1 рік тому Literally crying so much right now. I can't never ever say goodbye to CS. Thank you for this video.
  • Emma Kavanagh
    Emma Kavanagh 1 рік тому The Rolly Joger You're welcome
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank you for your kind words!!
  • Layla Loutfi
    Layla Loutfi 1 рік тому I’m drowning in my tears
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Sorry? :3
  • Sarah Lucia Barrero Vargas
    Sarah Lucia Barrero Vargas 1 рік тому (змінено) 11:22 (78) totally agree I've seen it like 6 time and I've cried in all
  • Elodie Swan Salvatore
    Elodie Swan Salvatore 1 рік тому I will never forget my OTP 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
  • stonefades
    stonefades 1 рік тому Perfect! I always love the "101 reasons" videos, and it's so cool you got suggestions from other CS shippers too! It's lovely!
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank you very much!! I really love those kind of vids too, that's why I wanted to do one for them as well haha. And yes it was super kind of them to help me do this, it kinda show how much this ship is loved I think :')
  • Sue Othman
    Sue Othman 1 рік тому I'm not crying , my eyes are sweating 😭😭😭😭😭
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Haha sorry? :3
  • Peppermint Bliss
    Peppermint Bliss 1 рік тому Great! Who's cutting onions in my room! But realistically, this isn't the end guys! It's just the beginning! Captain Swan will live on in us, as long as we remember them, they'll live on. Plus I hope (which is what all of ouat is about) that this isn't the last we'll see of Emma there's something going on, hopefully that's Emma making an appearance in the finale of season 7
  • Peppermint Bliss
    Peppermint Bliss 1 рік тому The Rolly Joger no problemo 😁
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому You're right, they'll live on in us indeed :) I also hope we'll see her and Killian and their child again in the finale, when the curse is broken and Henry goes back home to see the rest his family and make them meet with Lucy and Cinderella ♥ Anyways, thanks a lot!!
  • MysticSwan
    MysticSwan 1 рік тому This is PERFECT!! Goodness I can’t thank you enough for making this beautiful tribute to them! 💖 I can’t believe that CaptainSwan is done, but they got their happy ending. I was crying throughout this whole thing.. and then when you added in Colin&Jen!! :’) CaptainSwan will never be forgotten and will always and forever be my #1 OTP. I wish I could go back to the day when I fell in love with them and go on their journey all over again. 💖💖
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Same here!! I wish I could go back in time and relive everything too haha. Anyways thanks a lot, I'm really glad you liked it ♥
  • Mel D
    Mel D 1 рік тому This is so beautiful I am crying I love them so much and miss them ! Best epic love story captain swan my otp my heart
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank youuuu :3
  • gnojak k
    gnojak k 1 рік тому The most beautiful 15 minutes in my life <3 Capitan Swan always in my heart
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Aww thank you :3
  • EmmaItsYou _Hook
    EmmaItsYou _Hook 1 рік тому This is just too much!! This video is so beautiful and so perfect and I’m crying so hard right now! So thankful for this ship ❤️
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Thank you very much!!!
  • Nicole Nikla CZ
    Nicole Nikla CZ 1 рік тому So beautiful <3 I was crying so much .. It's so emotional and heartbreaking knowing we will probably never see them again ... but thanks videos like this they will always be in our hearts <3
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Never say never ;) And thank you ♥
  • paratodosiempre
    paratodosiempre 1 рік тому Amazing. Oh my God, so OTP. I loved my Captain Swan journey. And I will miss them so much.
  • Megan Cleary
    Megan Cleary 5 місяців тому What does otp mean sorry
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Same here. Thank you!!
  • Nevaeh Sandoval
    Nevaeh Sandoval 1 місяць тому (змінено) Ya know I didn't catch that untill I started watching these"the rolls joger"
  • JoAnne Schachtschneider
    JoAnne Schachtschneider 1 рік тому I just don't think words will do this justice !! It was perfect, amazing!!! ... insert wonderful adjectives here ... Thank you for doing this!!!😊❤
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 1 рік тому Awwww thank you so much, means a lot :3