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The rich and famous celebrities of the world have some insane homes. Here are ten of the most insane celebrity homes.
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  • Withrow Rich
    Withrow Rich 10 місяців тому Lol grasshopper statue it’s a praying mantis
  • pecosROB
    pecosROB 3 тижні тому bruh I came here to say the same thing 9 months later.
  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider 3 місяці тому Xnomex Gaming I said that out loud lol
  • Zoe Hoekman
    Zoe Hoekman 8 місяців тому HAHA! I didn't even think twice about that.
  • Sarah Frost
    Sarah Frost 9 місяців тому I was just about to comment that
    STORM HUGS 10 місяців тому I know right
  • Silly Green Fairy
    Silly Green Fairy 10 місяців тому Xnomex Gaming omg i came here to say this
  • Emars118
    Emars118 10 місяців тому Thank you!
  • MrTesla1231
    MrTesla1231 10 місяців тому 500 million dollar house. FIVE. HUNDRED. MILLION. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SPEND 500 MIL ON A HOUSE?
  • cha xiong
    cha xiong 1 місяць тому They just say Beyonce and JayZ would. Lol
  • Anora Boodhai
    Anora Boodhai 1 місяць тому I totally wud spend all that money on it
  • Mr Apples
    Mr Apples 1 місяць тому But hell that wouldn't put a dent in his bank account
  • Mr Apples
    Mr Apples 1 місяць тому Bill gates would
  • ChezAnna Carter
    ChezAnna Carter 3 місяці тому Lmao ikr and what the hell they do? Sleep in a different room every night?
  • Isaac Tallent
    Isaac Tallent 5 місяців тому Me
  • Richard Burdine
    Richard Burdine 6 місяців тому Me if I had the money
  • Bateen S
    Bateen S 7 місяців тому I think if im gonna spend 500m on a house i want ot to have more thn 8 bdrms. Or what im gonna have 8 guest at the casino
  • Stepjo0506
    Stepjo0506 8 місяців тому @Sri Ram yea i know
  • Sri Ram
    Sri Ram 8 місяців тому @Stepjo0506its Mukesh ambani. The building cost only takes upto 1billion. Maybe Further more expenses for land also.
  • Stepjo0506
    Stepjo0506 9 місяців тому this one indian dude made a 1 billion dollar house
  • Noir Spectre
    Noir Spectre 9 місяців тому People who have never had anything
  • MrTesla1231
    MrTesla1231 10 місяців тому Plocký /) That makes sense, but other than inflation, it just seems absurd.
  • Plocký
    Plocký 10 місяців тому Inflation. I mean i woudnt even care with this amout of money, but it loses its weith over time, mansions dont
  • Plocký
    Plocký 10 місяців тому A fcking island for 180k? I know what my lifetime earned money goes into now.
  • anna ochs
    anna ochs 3 місяці тому Right lol
  • S A
    S A 5 місяців тому There are some islands cheaper than that. The issue is infrastructure and getting services to build on the island, etc.
  • Rochelle James
    Rochelle James 10 місяців тому Very bazaar. I would be too nervous to live on properties that huge. I would have to put cameras everywhere and it would be just paranoia 24/7
  • unicorn girl aka raeal diaz
    unicorn girl aka raeal diaz 10 місяців тому I am good with my little house
  • Fabric Sander
    Fabric Sander 2 місяці тому @RaZe_ Clappiee lol
  • Karen Uhlig-Reiner
    Karen Uhlig-Reiner 3 місяці тому me too!! all 1200 square foot
  • Bella B
    Bella B 4 місяці тому @Playero 24 same here nothing wrong with apartment life
  • john Wicklund
    john Wicklund 5 місяців тому unicorn girl aka raeal dia
  • Ashley Ihde
    Ashley Ihde 5 місяців тому I'm happy
  • Ashley Ihde
    Ashley Ihde 5 місяців тому Me tooooo 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Suits our needs
  • suzycreamcheesez
    suzycreamcheesez 8 місяців тому I'm good with my little apartment!
  • unicorn girl aka raeal diaz
    unicorn girl aka raeal diaz 8 місяців тому @RaZe_ Clappiee wahhhh
  • Whyman1993
    Whyman1993 8 місяців тому unicorn girl aka raeal diaz who would genuinely use all that space
  • Zoe Hoekman
    Zoe Hoekman 8 місяців тому HA! Same 😂
  • chula chalupa
    chula chalupa 10 місяців тому (змінено) A "hundred grand" has a third zero after the comma. Come on people.
  • RaZe_ Clappiee
    RaZe_ Clappiee 10 місяців тому Axel K Wanna play fortnite
  • RaZe_ Clappiee
    RaZe_ Clappiee 10 місяців тому Axel K thx
  • IDK
    IDK 10 місяців тому Theodd GamesoutYT cooooool
  • mena seven
    mena seven 10 місяців тому Small house don't have high maintenance cost and tax bill.
  • RaZe_ Clappiee
    RaZe_ Clappiee 10 місяців тому I live at your dick
  • Kez Dugs
    Kez Dugs 10 місяців тому I live in a shitty little flat and I am not Ok! Lol!
  • Playero 24
    Playero 24 10 місяців тому unicorn girl aka raeal diaz i live in a apartament and i'm fine
  • tiffany benefield
    tiffany benefield 10 місяців тому My favorite was Celine Dion's house with the water park.
  • Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983
    Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983 5 місяців тому It’s very nice I seen it it’s in Admril cove Jupiter
  • tiffany benefield
    tiffany benefield 9 місяців тому Markus Patients Who said anything like where it is?! I just thought it was cool. It's no less original than snow skiing in in Colorado.
  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 9 місяців тому A water park in Florida.. How original.
  • SlickSmith Tech
    SlickSmith Tech 10 місяців тому Celine Dion house is cool if you have kids
  • Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983
    Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983 5 місяців тому It’s very nice I have seen it it’s in Admrils cove
  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 9 місяців тому And a pool boy with a CPL...
  • Jane Hale
    Jane Hale 9 місяців тому I’ll be happy with my small house I can find my husband easily lol 😂 live a life with luxury end up life with dust.
  • Robert Craighead
    Robert Craighead 10 місяців тому The windmill house seemed the most unique, I love it.
  • Rhi :3
    Rhi :3 8 місяців тому Robert Craighead way ag Bd d
  • Sandvich BreadonsGuy
    Sandvich BreadonsGuy 10 місяців тому How the hell did you get verified
  • violin ladder man
    violin ladder man 9 місяців тому Then they die and all goes away.
  • J L
    J L 5 місяців тому (змінено) "Spoiled..." * clears throat * "Well taken care of children." 💯💯💯
    DIMENSIONS Design 10 місяців тому People are starving...People are homeless...why? Got to admire Warren Buffet for keeping it simple.
  • Max Baba
    Max Baba 3 місяці тому Does not make sense to pay absurdly high property tax and maintenance. Give it to charity and get a tax break instead. More like smart.
  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 8 місяців тому He and Tom Steyer are the most decent billionaires I can think of.
  • Bonnie Stewart
    Bonnie Stewart 8 місяців тому RDJs house was the only one that has any character and originality to it. Plus it looks to be like it's actually comfy to live in.
  • Alexander Stewart
    Alexander Stewart 8 місяців тому I know people who have a big house and honestly, they don’t utilize even half of the space they own. They usually fill it with random useless material things. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a big family or you are looking to entertain large groups of friends, I understand why you would want a bigger house. No matter how much money you have, there comes to a point where you are spending too much just to fill a void or impress the neighbors. Many super rich people fall into a pit of despair because they expect the stuff they are buying to make them happier. When it doesn’t happen that way, they get depressed and think something is wrong with themselves; this results in their desire and action of self medicating to buy more junk. It’s a dangerous perpetual cycle. Think about what these ultra rich people do when they are home by themselves or with their immediate family. They can’t be in all the rooms at once, nor can they utilize all that space on a weekly basis. Usually the only time they are happy about the giant place they live in is when they are showing it off to people who haven’t seen it yet.
  • Cheffee Love
    Cheffee Love 4 місяці тому S A agree! We’re retired and going on year 4 of remodeling our large home. 3 kids and 2 businesses (in the home/office) led to our need for space. Now that we’re alone - most of the time 😂 - we are adding all kinds of neat things that we want. We enjoy our home so much we rarely leave. The world can be a crazy place, why not have your own sanctuary?
  • S A
    S A 5 місяців тому I feel like, for celebrities anyway, it's because they can't really go anywhere. Going out in public takes so much coordination, and if it's not an exclusive event/restricted access location, they have to consider security, paparazzi, etc. which not only is annoying but costs money. So, they either have to pay for exclusive locations (islands, yachts, friend's vacation homes, etc.) that most people can't access, or they stay home. So they build homes that give a little variety - whether it's water parks, theme parks, movie theaters, basketball courts, casinos, game rooms, lounges, nightclubs, or even shopping malls (Barbara Streisand has one in her house.. because she can't go to normal malls) or whatever else they fancy, it's something different for them to do. That's also why they usually have their own beauty salon, spa, gym, professional grade kitchen, etc. - they can't really go to a normal, public place unless it's super expensive and the staff are bound by NDAs or whatever.
  • Calling All Hands On Deck!
    Calling All Hands On Deck! 6 місяців тому Alexander = I agree. To anyone reading this comment. What is it that they all seem to be lacking in their lives?
  • Brum Kid
    Brum Kid 10 місяців тому Grr when they put the false people on here i lost intrest ie the Kardasians the most plastic people in the world and anyone who follows this plastic family need their heads looking into as they are the most sorry people ever to walk this earth.
  • kxngg Jo
    kxngg Jo 1 місяць тому Brum Kid ur bitter
  • Super Rorobelle
    Super Rorobelle 5 місяців тому You guys both have interesting grammar.
  • Xenia Urbáez
    Xenia Urbáez 9 місяців тому Brum Kid. I`m so agree with You!! She says that her fans are pathetic but they have made her a billionaire!!!
  • Ashley Fraser
    Ashley Fraser 5 місяців тому This is the poorest I have ever felt :(
  • Arkansas Man
    Arkansas Man 10 місяців тому (змінено) None of my money went to pay for any performer's homes. I don't buy records, go to movies, pay for books, or any of that useless stuff. My house and vehicle are paid for and my credit card balance stays low but my credit rating stays high. Why should I pay for their overpriced ego so they can live like Kings and queens? Too many of them are on drugs, depressed and live an empty life. Mine is full of love and it's comfortable. I wouldn't trade places with any of them. I have all I need or want. I don't "want for anything" and have a lady I love and she loves me.
  • Scott Mattes
    Scott Mattes 3 місяці тому I enjoy music, art, movies, sports, have a decent car and money in the bank. Don't "need" any of it but don't find it "useless" either. Also have a special lady in my life and a 10 year old daughter I love more than anything. I love photography and travel. DIdn't always have means to have those things but those things enhance my life - especially art (music, movies). I don't worry about what artists do with their money that they earn by creating things that people like. Some do good things with it some waste it. I don't have the time to keep track or feel the need to judge them. Money and things don't buy happiness but they don't make you sad or shallow either. As long as you keep everything in perspective and know what the truly important things are.
  • Bella B
    Bella B 4 місяці тому I could learn so much from u. I want to learn how to live my life like urs
  • Cassandra Harris
    Cassandra Harris 5 місяців тому Anyway, I envy your contentment ♡
  • Cassandra Harris
    Cassandra Harris 5 місяців тому That is awesome. In contrast, I feel depressed, empty and poor. I think I would rather be depressed, empty, and rich. I would not get multiple homes, or homes that grand, though.
  • Super Rorobelle
    Super Rorobelle 5 місяців тому Good job. You have created 3 essays for random people on the internet. And telling other people their lives are sad. We get, it man, you don’t have debt. Good for your happy go lucky self! There are hundreds of thousands of other people who also don’t have debt. We don’t need life advice. That’s what the Bible, god, and parents are for.
  • S A
    S A 5 місяців тому you still subsidize their tax breaks though 💁‍♀️
  • thomas smith
    thomas smith 7 місяців тому "Let someone else praise you and not your own mouth; an outsider and not your own lips."
  • Toni Stark
    Toni Stark 8 місяців тому I love that! It’s always best to be the one IN CONTROL of your life and finances PLUS your anonymity! I like my place just fine.
  • Arkansas Man
    Arkansas Man 8 місяців тому @abishek abi thank you so much! Work at it, you can get there if you want. God bless you too!
  • abishek abi
    abishek abi 8 місяців тому Charles Reyer I admire dats a real life..... no1 can get such a peaceful life.... ppl r In process 2 bcum rich n buy al da stuff dey can bt never ever been satisfied n ppl r rare lk u being satisfied wit et ever dey have Nw Dts Wt u call a happy life wish I would get n live like ur life..... god bless u😊