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Guts - You're Living Like Pigs

Published on Jun 1, 2011 1,353,376 views
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  • Parham Tabatabaee
    Parham Tabatabaee 2 роки тому (змінено) for anyone who's intrested: the opening speech is sampled from the 1969 film "Mr. Freedom".
  • io dip
    io dip 2 місяці тому Check out @GSphinxter’s Tweet:
  • LunarFurorGames
    LunarFurorGames 1 рік тому Thank you so much been trying to find this for forever, not sure how I missed your comments all this time.
  • Dan Random
    Dan Random 1 рік тому Parham Tabatabaee cheers
  • Vladof
    Vladof 2 роки тому The girl voice is sampled from the song ''The garden of Jane Delawney'' by Francoise Hardy
  • tej gonza
    tej gonza 4 роки тому ''It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.'' Sokrates
  • jacky jack
    jacky jack 1 місяць тому John Stuart Mill rather
  • ThisIsHumanBrain
    ThisIsHumanBrain 1 місяць тому @Der Große Mumpitz Yes, you too my friend :)
  • Annabelle Garcia
    Annabelle Garcia 1 рік тому Merci Monsieur
  • Lo Du
    Lo Du 2 роки тому John Stuart Mill, not socrate
  • fucksake893
    fucksake893 2 роки тому He can suck on my Socratesticles.
  • fucksake893
    fucksake893 2 роки тому Of course it's better to be human than a pig. I eat pigs, you think a pig lives a satisfied life?
  • Crazzydudu
    Crazzydudu 2 роки тому (змінено) oww no you didin't brah... I bet Socrates could diss your whole existence in 2 minutes flat... don't you ever pick on Socrates again, he spits hot fyiaa
  • passmeby
    passmeby 2 роки тому i wanna be satisfied fool not dissatisfied fool pig. neither i want to be dissatisfied socrates with his "deep" thoughts which are older than earth's history itself. these saying are just a disguise for someone who wants to look "deep" but whos fucking empty and spoilt inside
  • Rocco Pastonesi
    Rocco Pastonesi 4 роки тому Would like to go to a Guts concert
  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 2 місяці тому T U N C E L İ G R A D 〽
  • Mikail Akım
    Mikail Akım 3 тижні тому Grr
  • Kubilay Yılmaz
    Kubilay Yılmaz 1 рік тому I'm gonna tell you what the land of freedom is all about, No,you're not dreaming, because that land exists, Ladies and gentlemen, you've been living like pigs! Open your eyes! Open
  • absolutlyrubbish
    absolutlyrubbish 5 місяців тому @io dip - They were played classical music and whale song and fed on nothing but apples, beer and cider vinagar. The bacon sold for 200 euro's a kg.
  • io dip
    io dip 5 місяців тому I did as well. Then i began to train pigs for a living for a small but dedicated group of bacon fanatics/connoisseurs. They wanted the pigs to hold themselves to ever stricter standards of behavior including the mind's behavior.
  • Manoela Di Lima
    Manoela Di Lima 3 роки тому Eargasm. Totally.
  • beanie b
    beanie b 4 роки тому actually fantastic...
  • Alb A.B
    Alb A.B 3 роки тому Oui la top dans les 5 de ce très bon "Guts _-)
  • Gregory Kerkhove
    Gregory Kerkhove 7 місяців тому AMAZING^^
  • rare joints
    rare joints 4 роки тому masterpiece
  • joan cru
    joan cru 4 роки тому tuerie !!!!!!!
  • maxim barbier
    maxim barbier 5 років тому Godverdomme VET !
  • Velin Velinov
    Velin Velinov 5 років тому supreme
  • Céline Ducamp
    Céline Ducamp 4 роки тому superbe.
  • CristovaoLopes88
    CristovaoLopes88 5 місяців тому Ladies and gentlemen you've been living like pigs.. Open your eyes, open!
    CLEOPATRA2311 5 років тому I have no idea of what kind of music is this ,but I LOVE IT!!!
  • x x
    x x 2 місяці тому Hip hop
  • Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones 8 місяців тому Totally
  • Pierre Massey
    Pierre Massey 5 років тому 00:00
  • mlk960
    mlk960 6 років тому Even if I was to reply with a "Yes, you are right," would it have made a difference in the validity of my reasoning?
  • nicu313131
    nicu313131 6 років тому you probably never tried drugs