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Angela Mao - Dance OF Death (End Fight)

Published on Sep 1, 2011 1,294,606 views
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Dancing Style vs. Crazy Horse Style! Dance Of Death came out in 1976 and stars Angela Mao Ying. Jackie Chan was the action director.

    NYCGRKONE 6 років тому Only Angela could use the villain's own braid to kill him! LOL---felt bad for the first guy who she beats and then gets killed by his own master!
  • W M
    W M 2 тижні тому This is a Jackie Chan production? A MA dramody!?
  • As Sabirun
    As Sabirun 2 дні тому She just never were made for fighting in movies, like those idiots who tried to play Bruce Lee for so many years just being pathetic!
  • dabishop31
    dabishop31 6 років тому This is bananas Yo......CLASSIC!!
  • Nola Archange
    Nola Archange 9 місяців тому Locharemi
  • iwaithere
    iwaithere 6 років тому Femdom, estilo chino, los primeros días.
  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 6 років тому i would appreciate if you guys would quit lusting after my woman lol
  • ETsonggalaxy
    ETsonggalaxy 7 років тому Angela Mao is so cute, quick and fun to watch on videos. I wish she was my teaher! Then i know i d being learning something extra!
  • Jaliscia Barker
    Jaliscia Barker 2 місяці тому Fivefingerofdeath
  • Jaliscia Barker
    Jaliscia Barker 2 місяці тому Kingboxer
  • Hakuru15
    Hakuru15 7 років тому fuck those lucky bastards
  • BingCherry11
    BingCherry11 3 роки тому Angela Mao Ying so very beautiful!!!! I am astonished at how many fighting techniques she knows!!! How I wish she would have been given a better part in Enter The Dragon. A part where they do not kill her character and she could have fought teamed up with Bruce Lee and John Saxon!!!!
  • mike wright
    mike wright 1 місяць тому Beautiful 😍❤️?? Come on guys this is fighting 💪🙏!! This is not for girls man👌!!!
  • Jidapa Phompiboon
    Jidapa Phompiboon 3 місяці тому @Michael Small ฃ5
  • shui kwong
    shui kwong 5 місяців тому 7
  • shui kwong
    shui kwong 5 місяців тому 7n8
  • Michael Small
    Michael Small 9 місяців тому Bob Marleysongs
  • Michael Small
    Michael Small 9 місяців тому Bob Marley songs
  • Lauram Pulidoa
    Lauram Pulidoa 2 роки тому (змінено) Ángela Mao so beautiful and wild, master in Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Wushu, and Hapkido, she is very strong and represent with Cynthia Rothrock the female power in the screen, no actress can beat them
  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran 1 місяць тому phi hay ra phom nau
  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 1 рік тому Yukari Oshima
  • derrik tie
    derrik tie 1 рік тому she is fucken slow....
  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 1 тиждень тому How many kungfu mix gender actors go on to have babies with each other. Kungfu stars all seem to dance so nicely together
  • 아버지
    아버지 2 місяці тому 성룡에 취권이 이영화를 본뜬거였네
  • W M
    W M 2 тижні тому Was the villian the master of uma thurman in kill bill?
  • Shifu Iron Buddha
    Shifu Iron Buddha 2 дні тому W M. No. That was Gordon Lu in Kill Bill.
  • Dung Nguyen Thanh
    Dung Nguyen Thanh 1 місяць тому Phim hồi đó xem chán. Giả tạo quá
  • 2210u
    2210u 5 років тому Eternamente será un placer ver los movimientos de la inolvidable y bella Angela Mao.
  • Lauram Pulidoa
    Lauram Pulidoa 2 роки тому 2210u Su belleza y determinación en la gran pantalla no se puede apagar, sin duda es una badass aún fuera de la gran pantalla
  • jose Castillo
    jose Castillo 2 місяці тому She is hotttt
  • Elisabetepereirapereira Pereira pereira
    Elisabetepereirapereira Pereira pereira 6 місяців тому Angela mao From Taiwan It deserves all my respect!Very good video!👏👏👍👊
  • William Crowe
    William Crowe 2 роки тому Looks like the Crazy Horse got sent to the glue factory.
  • Jeff Morrow
    Jeff Morrow 1 рік тому You gotta watch out for the guys with long white hair!!
  • Halo Kincaid
    Halo Kincaid 1 рік тому Beware the White-haired Fox!
  • aquilesriffo
    aquilesriffo 2 місяці тому an example of strong female character