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Emma and Killian's Journey

Published on May 15, 2017 5,945 views

Hope you enjoy! let me know what you think.

I got a few comments in my 'The Evolution of Captain Swan' video saying the music was to loud so i tried my best to have the music as low where you could here the dialogue. And maybe use earphones for better hearing.

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  • D A
    D A 2 роки тому love this. I love this show and captain swan so much!
  • frozenpiper2
    frozenpiper2 2 роки тому (змінено) One of the reasons I usually don't like fanvids is because the dialogue is covered by music and I love the dialogue. Or the dialogue is there but the music is way too loud and you can barely hear it. So far the CaptainSwan videos I've seen since the wedding have been amazing. Awesome job!
  • Wolfie JK Games
    Wolfie JK Games 1 рік тому David: you're nothing but a pirate! moments later Emma: let's get my pirate back
    JENIFER SPRENGER 1 рік тому gosh this is sooo sooo perfect. You should include the Scene with the pregnancy announcement! THIS WOULD BE SOOOO ... I am without words
  • Hailey Veliz
    Hailey Veliz 2 роки тому I love the song and this video
  • Angyal Vad
    Angyal Vad 1 рік тому Lover hook 💔💍and Emma