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10 Members Of The Royal Family You Never Heard Of

Published on Apr 23, 2018 2,434,810 views
игрушка 장난감 Молния Маккуин Rayo McQueen

10 Lesser known Royals who you should know more about.

There are very famous members of the British Royal family, but there are hundreds more that most of us have never even heard of. However, these lesser known royals have interesting lives. Not to mention all those attractive royals that are hitting up Instagram with their steamy selfies. Here are 10 British royals that you’ll want to follow.

Arthur Chatto and Samuel Chatto are among the royals gaining big followings. And then there are the young royals like Lord Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella Windsor and Lady Rose Gilman, who all have exciting lives. As for beautiful royals, Lady Amelia Windsor is making it as a model. Her siblings Lady Marina Windsor and Edward Windsor have a fascinating place in the family, as they’ve forfeited their places in line to the throne.

Watch our video to discover the stories behind 10 members of the Royal Family you never heard of, and tell us in comments whom you’re most interested in.

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  • andreas m
    andreas m 1 рік тому (змінено) Edinburgh = "Eddin-bruh" not "Eee-din-berg" Gloucester = "Gloss-ter" not "Glaowss-ter" Viscount = "Vye-count" not "Vis-count" Yorkshire = "York-sheer" or "York-sher", not "York-shye-ar"
  • Johann Rossouw
    Johann Rossouw 1 тиждень тому andreas m thank you!
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    Verioxii 3 тижні тому Nikki Sokol bruh ur likely European, who knows, u may have relatives around Europe/uk so
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    Tiny Dancer 1 місяць тому @mvpmickey1 American's*... plural..😋
  • Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer 1 місяць тому Lol...
  • Evie Senior
    Evie Senior 1 місяць тому I’m from Yorkshire
  • SuperTweezy5
    SuperTweezy5 2 місяці тому @mvpmickey1 Hey now, I'm American and know how to correctly pronounce those!!
  • Pink_Elysium
    Pink_Elysium 2 місяці тому @GangGang_ Langley It is NOT an accent issue.
  • TRG
    TRG 3 місяці тому andreas m It’s not our fault they’re said differently then they’re spelled.
  • The_Drop Bear
    The_Drop Bear 3 місяці тому @Nikki Sokol Yeah all the Intelligent people left
  • Thomas Beech
    Thomas Beech 3 місяці тому andreas m ok for one I am from Yorkshire it is York-sher
  • GangGang_ Langley
    GangGang_ Langley 4 місяці тому People have accents chill
  • My Japanese channel
    My Japanese channel 4 місяці тому andreas m I was cringing.
  • Jeon Junookie
    Jeon Junookie 6 місяців тому the one who talks is an american thats why
  • Nikki Sokol
    Nikki Sokol 7 місяців тому No wonder we kicked your moronic asses out of the U.S.A.
  • absolute wastemennn
    absolute wastemennn 7 місяців тому Just shut up please shut up please shut up!
  • mvpmickey1
    mvpmickey1 7 місяців тому Trust me on this, America can't pronounce anything right.
  • RAIN
    RAIN 1 рік тому E D I N B E R G It’s Ed-in-buh-ruh, you sausage.
  • Its me The Hotdog
    Its me The Hotdog 2 тижні тому Lol u Australian? Nice joke liked it and I like how your just replying. To the video person not for a like
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    Issy’s life 3 тижні тому She is American
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    zouni 1 місяць тому @Freakgrl04 For some reason that bothered me the most.
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    i need nothin 4 місяці тому Fack
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    Soulivanh Xayaphet 5 місяців тому People can't pronounce names
  • Spendomaniac
    Spendomaniac 7 місяців тому @Freakgrl04 And "Gloucester"
  • Nikki Sokol
    Nikki Sokol 7 місяців тому It's you're an imbecile dick head.
  • Carmen Nadel
    Carmen Nadel 8 місяців тому RAIN 😂😂😂
  • Alistyr Marqueux
    Alistyr Marqueux 9 місяців тому I pronounce it 3 syllables, not 4. Ed-in-brah.
  • Evelyn Landells
    Evelyn Landells 9 місяців тому Sausage lol 😂
  • All About Barbie
    All About Barbie 10 місяців тому Holy hell... that's good to know. I would have never figured that out!
  • Freakgrl04
    Freakgrl04 11 місяців тому They pronounced "viscount" wrong as well
  • Ian Joseph
    Ian Joseph 1 рік тому I dunno if it’s my Northern Scottish accent , but I pronounce it edin-bruh lol
  • Welsh Superiority
    Welsh Superiority 1 рік тому Your pronunciations just gave me a brain aneurysm
  • Paige Harris
    Paige Harris 1 рік тому Why are the ones we don’t know about the hot ones
  • Raiyan Chowdhury
    Raiyan Chowdhury 3 тижні тому Paige Harris
  • Raiyan Chowdhury
    Raiyan Chowdhury 3 тижні тому absolute wastemennn
  • brittnay cattaneo
    brittnay cattaneo 7 місяців тому haha ryte! they hide those ones lol some of em look lyke william and harry
  • absolute wastemennn
    absolute wastemennn 7 місяців тому Ikr
  • zdgag
    zdgag 7 місяців тому Because the rules won’t apply completely to their lifestyle, Lady Louise is a direct grandchild of the queen, so she has no other way to express her style to public without breaking the rules, meanwhile Lady Amelia who is further away related to the queen has the ability to post a bikini picture without even getting notified by other royal families...
  • WaSim Chaudhry
    WaSim Chaudhry 11 місяців тому Paige Harris Most handsome
  • Olatoyosi Alli
    Olatoyosi Alli 1 рік тому They live a normal life 👍🏽
  • Nani Yuri
    Nani Yuri 4 дні тому @Lorena Sahisa Do you ever read a bible?
  • Nafure Gal
    Nafure Gal 6 місяців тому "whatever normal is" when you are egi...
  • Nella J
    Nella J 11 місяців тому I wouldn’t call being related the queen and having titles and pretty much being in a royal family as normal but they have lot more freedom and can do more normal things than the 6th family members who are in line.
  • Nikita Elsa
    Nikita Elsa 1 рік тому Yusuf UL-Islam great, now this comment section took a dark turn, thanks to who? oh yeah, to you.
  • Nagwa S
    Nagwa S 1 рік тому (змінено) Lorena Sahisa true. Also, if he was God, why would he have to die to forgive people's sins? Would he not have the power to do so without dying if he was?
  • Lorena Sahisa
    Lorena Sahisa 1 рік тому Yusuf UL-Islam jesus is not god. If you read the whole bible not a single verse says that jesus is a god. If hes a god then why is he not self sufficient?
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    bubbles 1 рік тому right..
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    Sweet 1 рік тому Olatoyosi Alli II
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    Black Heart 1 рік тому Lol
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    Gracie Zhou 1 рік тому Well I knew Arthur but nothing else
  • Lechiffresix six
    Lechiffresix six 1 рік тому he looks like a test tube experiment. very off
  • Lucy Holloway
    Lucy Holloway 1 рік тому I'm sorry wow. Let's just take a moment for that pronunciation of Edinburgh 😂😂 That's enough to make any British person, Scot or not, cry
  • Sofia 2019
    Sofia 2019 3 місяці тому Im british and true
  • Meghan Chandler
    Meghan Chandler 3 місяці тому I literally cringed when she said EEDINBERG!! Terrible!!!
  • Chrystine Holcomb
    Chrystine Holcomb 1 рік тому And Gloucester, Viscount, Yorkshire.....
  • Valérie K
    Valérie K 1 рік тому Lucy Holloway I'm German and it made me cringe, too... why doesn't anyone check those videos before they post them 🙈
  • Zoe Badzx
    Zoe Badzx 1 рік тому (змінено) *Hears her say Edinburgh and Gloucester *face palms🤦‍♀️ There are so many miss pronounced words in this I cringed
  • Agustina.
    Agustina. 5 місяців тому You misspelled 'mispronounced' 😂😂😂
  • Lelis R
    Lelis R 7 місяців тому Oh sorry if we don’t know how to pronounce words with this awkward british accent, USA RULES
  • Ella
    Ella 2 тижні тому Loosing brain cells every time a simple place is mispronounced😂😩
  • Evie Senior
    Evie Senior 1 місяць тому Omg Eedingbrough? It’s eddingbrough like Edd ing bro ugh
  • A random person who is normal Xx
    A random person who is normal Xx 3 тижні тому It like annoying me how she pronounce the places 😩🤦🏼‍♀️
  • animelover 727
    animelover 727 1 тиждень тому Did you know Johnny Depp is queen Elizabeth's second cousin twice removed.
  • Lizzles
    Lizzles 1 рік тому So is like converting to Roman Catholicism the royal equivalent of being a teenage rebel lmao
  • Renee Bloggs
    Renee Bloggs 1 місяць тому People like Arthur Chatto and Lady Amelia Windsor are not technically royal...they simply have royal relatives.
  • Āñìmē Gløry
    Āñìmē Gløry 3 тижні тому I'm tryna look for ACTUAL comments and all I see is "YOU PRONOUNCED EDINBURGH WRONG" jeez one person saying it is enough, smh🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Rainbow Raindancer
    Rainbow Raindancer 3 тижні тому im probs the only one cringing over the maori pronounciaton
  • Comfy Mary
    Comfy Mary 1 рік тому I thought royals aren’t supposed to have social media
  • Indy T
    Indy T 2 тижні тому Comfy Mary even prince william has social media ya doi
  • *Rhia mae _mitsume 339*
    *Rhia mae _mitsume 339* 3 місяці тому No they have a private account of social media or only royal members that can join there I don't know what app but I heard it on school
  • Signe K.
    Signe K. 3 місяці тому Depends on their line of succession and/or if they renounce their royal duties. That's why William and Kate have stricter rules to uphold then Harry and Meghan does, because Harry and Meghan will most likely never be King and Queen of England.
  • Comfy Mary
    Comfy Mary 1 рік тому Narwhalla ohhh, ok thank you for explaining😂👌🏻
  • Marc LeJeune
    Marc LeJeune 1 рік тому Damn! I lost track need to write this down, but it is impressive that Royalty do work.
  • Franeo Rodrigo
    Franeo Rodrigo 1 рік тому it's loo-wee not lewis
  • firfuxsake
    firfuxsake 3 тижні тому You REALLY need to research the pronunciation of place names