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Once Upon A Captain Swan - All Kisses - Through 07x02 - A Pirate's Life

Published on Oct 21, 2017 41,828 views

Here is all of the Captain Swan kisses through 07x02 - A Pirate's Life. I am so happy that I got to update this one more time.

Thank you all for enjoying this journey together!

  • Fireflies
    Fireflies 10 місяців тому - First, they tried to kill each other. (season 2) - Then, they became allies. (Season 3) - Then, they started dating. (season 4) - Then, they became enemies again for like, 2 episodes. (season 5) - Then, they moved in together. (Season 6) - Then, they got married. (Season 6) - And finally, they had a baby. Character development, my friends.
  • Liv B
    Liv B 1 рік тому Emma: a one time thing now there’s an hour long video of them kissing ❤️
  • Makeup La la land.
    Makeup La la land. 1 рік тому Omg......Emma and Hook are just like snow and charming. True love. Can't wait for this baby. Another product of true love ❤️ poor Henry.......he wasn't.
  • Goose Baby J
    Goose Baby J 4 місяці тому Neither was his father...
  • stéphanie lorraine
    stéphanie lorraine 5 місяців тому Yes poor Henry ...but I’m happy haha
  • carla bernabéu
    carla bernabéu 6 місяців тому Poor Henry
  • Zoe Sherwin
    Zoe Sherwin 1 рік тому To see how far they’ve come from their first meeting to the end of Pirates Life is breathtaking. I’m going to miss them so much
  • Victoria Gómez
    Victoria Gómez 1 рік тому Zoe Sherwin You are not the only one who is gonna miss them...😞❤ I'm crying rivers right now😭😩💓
    LOLOTAKU 7 місяців тому The 3 dislikes are from neals Graham and walsh
    LOLOTAKU 7 місяців тому @Gacha The Doggo I guess milah and charming disliked too😂
  • Gacha The Doggo
    Gacha The Doggo 7 місяців тому And it seems their clones also dislikes. Nasty fools (5 dislikes)
  • Wendy Stachura
    Wendy Stachura 7 місяців тому Elodie Lefebvre 😂😂
  • jess
    jess 1 рік тому Emma: It’s a one time thing One time thing Emma?! I don’t think so!
  • η η
    η η 8 місяців тому Why? Isn’t this a video with online one kiss?
  • Sofia Velez
    Sofia Velez 1 рік тому The kiss just happened to be an hour long. You know cuz it only happened. once
  • kayla
    kayla 1 рік тому gets an hour long kiss compilation LOL totally a one time thing
  • gretchen ortner
    gretchen ortner 1 рік тому Last video of these ever!😭😭😭 And it's over an hour long!!! 🙌😍😋
  • Samuel Hill
    Samuel Hill 1 рік тому Oh wow,captain morgen,I thought we were switching to water😂😂
  • Ruby Grace
    Ruby Grace 1 рік тому I AM IN TEARS THEYRE SO BEAUTIFUL
  • Sophie Thornton
    Sophie Thornton 1 рік тому Is this it for them now forever ??? I hope not imma miss them too much 😂❤️❤️❤️😭😭 Beautiful video
  • Wendy Stachura
    Wendy Stachura 1 рік тому Sophie Thornton I hope not too! Just know, I will definitely add to it if we ever got something in the future
  • Raven Biseri
    Raven Biseri 10 місяців тому I’m watching his instead of finishing season 7 cause I can’t stand not seeing them together 😫❤️
  • Megan Orellana
    Megan Orellana 3 місяці тому bro i did the same exact thing for a long time lol
  • Grace Kapp
    Grace Kapp 1 рік тому 40:11 my favorite captain swan kiss
  • kayla
    kayla 1 рік тому this is the video i come back to whenever I'm sad, cause seeing them together automatically makes me so happy :)
  • Meg
    Meg 5 місяців тому Yeahhh this doesn't hurt my heart... Nope not at all... I will just be in that corner if you need me cries they're so cute
  • Silver Pegasus
    Silver Pegasus 8 місяців тому 53:22 Hook: your mother has a key, good to know. ( my favorite scene 😂 )
  • DXD Kansler
    DXD Kansler 4 місяці тому Honestly that’s every mother when their daughter or son is getting married.
  • Lily Martin
    Lily Martin 6 місяців тому Captain Swan will always be my OTP (along with a few others) and are the perfect example of how love can be messy, but still beautiful
  • Kacey ansell
    Kacey ansell 6 місяців тому Aww I so love hook I wish I could meet him in ral life but I am onely 12
  • Gacha The Doggo
    Gacha The Doggo 7 місяців тому I just imagine Charming/David/James being like: my child just married a pirate.. (9:24) DADDY CHARMING IS ANGRY, PAST THE CURFEW! (I’m just kidding :P)
  • Sheila Mary Phillips
    Sheila Mary Phillips 1 рік тому I loved that one. You did an awesome job. Thanks for making it and sharing it with us. I really miss the show.
  • Wendy Stachura
    Wendy Stachura 1 рік тому Sheila Mary Phillips I only made Captain Swan ones, sorry ☹️
  • Sheila Mary Phillips
    Sheila Mary Phillips 1 рік тому Wendy Stachura do you have anymore charming and snow one?
  • Wendy Stachura
    Wendy Stachura 1 рік тому Sheila Mary Phillips thank you for the kind words. I loved making this and I am so glad you enjoy it. They will always be one of my favorite couples.
  • 水Paris
    水Paris 1 рік тому Thank you!!!💐👏🏼🙌🏼🎉