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Sir Sly - High

Published on Apr 19, 2017 11,565,574 views
위자드 おもちゃ repair McQueen Assembling

Hi! “High” is out now!

Director: Kevin Clark
DP: Ben Mullen
EP: Jeff Kopchia
Producer: Tiffany Suh
Prod: Freenjoy
Commissioner: Chris Clavadetscher
Production Design: Clayton Beisner
Brain Squad: Amanda Yamashita / Michael Mauriello
Styling: Yazz Alali
Choreographer: Heather Coates
VFX: Tanner Merrill

Music video by Sir Sly performing High. (C) 2017 Interscope Records

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  • monsoon
    monsoon 2 роки тому Idk why but I'm obsessed with this
  • Michelle Grimm
    Michelle Grimm 2 тижні тому Saaaaame!
  • Mikael Altaïr Bruneau
    Mikael Altaïr Bruneau 2 тижні тому Same here
  • Konstantin Kutinov
    Konstantin Kutinov 2 тижні тому lucifer? happy death day?
  • Ethan Sehy
    Ethan Sehy 2 тижні тому monsoon, same, I'm listening for 4th time in a row
  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 1 місяць тому YOUR HORNEY
  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson 1 місяць тому Its awesome
  • Dogen70
    Dogen70 1 місяць тому I just caught up with you
  • Its Strange
    Its Strange 1 місяць тому Same😂🤫
  • Nick Greek
    Nick Greek 2 місяці тому because it feels good for the first time to be me
  • Alchemical Soul
    Alchemical Soul 2 місяці тому Same.
  • Malori Ray
    Malori Ray 2 місяці тому monsoon me either
  • Lorraine Corbin
    Lorraine Corbin 10 місяців тому Not the only one
  • Shazene Hussain
    Shazene Hussain 1 рік тому Wooooaaaahhhhh 2.1k ppl agree who have accs
  • William Coker
    William Coker 1 рік тому Same
  • rebjiii
    rebjiii 1 рік тому the song kicks ass...thats why is has over 4 million views
  • Jovani Prattico
    Jovani Prattico 1 рік тому 0-0 ok...
  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie 1 рік тому Shaun Downie Lol, funny!!
  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie 1 рік тому I LOVE this song and video!! Lead guy is so HOT!!
  • Star Lazar
    Star Lazar 1 рік тому -- You're a penguin that's in space, it makes sense.
  • MetalFuzzball45
    MetalFuzzball45 1 рік тому AstroPenguin same
  • maeslife
    maeslife 1 рік тому I woke up and it was playing in my head. LET IT SHINE, LET IT RISEE, LIKE A FOREIGNN SUN
  • Isabella Dores
    Isabella Dores 1 рік тому joseph migliore ouch....
  • joseph migliore
    joseph migliore 1 рік тому AstroPenguin Because you have no life.
  • Richard57353
    Richard57353 1 рік тому dbc1987dbc shut down
  • dbc1987dbc
    dbc1987dbc 1 рік тому shut up
    LUCI FER 1 рік тому bill clark Yeah
  • bill clark
    bill clark 1 рік тому everyone is bro/
  • Despicable Dogs
    Despicable Dogs 1 рік тому dude same
  • Mike Dryden
    Mike Dryden 1 рік тому AstroPenguin Kjj
  • K Green
    K Green 1 рік тому Sameeeee
  • G Fals21
    G Fals21 1 рік тому battle's lost, yet I feel I won..
  • Tony Vitale
    Tony Vitale 1 рік тому Love the song. Love the video. But, Sly fans, tell me what brought about the change to long hair and glam?
  • Richard57353
    Richard57353 1 рік тому AstroPenguin I
  • thomas stevens
    thomas stevens 1 рік тому AstroPenguin its the cool dances. lol
  • Lacey Prager
    Lacey Prager 1 рік тому AstroPenguin pretty sure I've annoyed every person in my life with this song at this point. I can't stop listening to this song.
  • Seoulchim
    Seoulchim 1 рік тому AstroPenguin same bro sameeeee
  • Th3D3miG04t
    Th3D3miG04t 1 рік тому AstroPenguin omg same
  • olia hrp
    olia hrp 1 рік тому same OMG 😂😂😍💕🔥
  • Brenda Gorguis
    Brenda Gorguis 1 рік тому Fun with With baby alive sameeee
  • Wendi Reavis
    Wendi Reavis 1 рік тому same
  • Ok.snowflake lps
    Ok.snowflake lps 1 рік тому Snap chat brought me here also and now obsessed with it
  • Shawna Austin
    Shawna Austin 1 рік тому AstroPenguin same dude
  • UniverseStars
    UniverseStars 1 рік тому AstroPenguin cause it's of the devil
  • Broccolitree
    Broccolitree 1 рік тому AstroPenguin ikr me too
  • Bubba Brazil
    Bubba Brazil 1 рік тому AstroPenguin are they from Oakland Cali?
  • Mad Priest
    Mad Priest 1 рік тому IKR
  • Shaun Downie
    Shaun Downie 1 рік тому This is my new make up time in traffic song ! He he he
  • Jesse Figueroa
    Jesse Figueroa 1 рік тому I've been staring into headlights
  • Antigone Freimann
    Antigone Freimann 1 рік тому I've been wondering, "just what would peace be like?"
  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis 1 рік тому Iv been smoking on a piece pipe
  • slick 3
    slick 3 1 рік тому same
  • Daven S
    Daven S 2 роки тому AstroPenguin Its incredibly catchy but not annoyingly so and I don't really tend 2 listen 2 this type of music but here I am and I'm digging it, singing along.. kickass is what it is
  • united red
    united red 2 роки тому It's a disease called " GOOD MUSIC SYNDROME " :D
  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 2 роки тому IDK... maybe because it kick's ass?
  • Nessa Marquez
    Nessa Marquez 2 роки тому AstroPenguin same
  • Allison R
    Allison R 2 роки тому AstroPenguin me too!!!!
  • Patricia Labas
    Patricia Labas 2 роки тому Antigone Freimann because it feels good to be running from the devil... tbh
  • Antigone Freimann
    Antigone Freimann 2 роки тому Is it because you're high? ;)
  • Candypie 2010
    Candypie 2010 2 роки тому AstroPenguin it got me in a trance
  • Jack Vaska
    Jack Vaska 2 роки тому AstroPenguin same
  • Yee Yee Sauce
    Yee Yee Sauce 2 роки тому Haley Sookhoo And 4w. 8 8 -*w us f3greth
  • Shintendo TV
    Shintendo TV 2 роки тому AstroPenguin true. I love this song
  • Cat Tho
    Cat Tho 2 роки тому AstroPenguin omg same!!!
  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 2 роки тому AstroPenguin because it feels good to be running from the devil
  • Yoo Sung
    Yoo Sung 2 роки тому oh, my bad :P
  • monsoon
    monsoon 2 роки тому The Roblox Player yeah😂, the audio was uploaded earlier though
  • Yoo Sung
    Yoo Sung 2 роки тому OBSESSED ALREADY!!!? it was uploaded today! its a really good song tho
  • Ela Moon
    Ela Moon 2 роки тому AstroPenguin sameeeee
  • iiMooseii
    iiMooseii 1 рік тому Being a fan of Sir Sly brought me here.
  • dank worm
    dank worm 1 день тому Yeah who needs a show to tell them what's cool music
  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 2 дні тому No one cares. You are as bad as what you are mocking. Good job on becoming what you hate.
  • Jeanie Perkins
    Jeanie Perkins 3 місяці тому Just a happen
  • John Galt
    John Galt 5 місяців тому I'm here because it's a good ass song thank you musicverse.
  • ChumboBrown
    ChumboBrown 6 місяців тому (змінено) @OhJ33BUS Can't stop hearing them on Alternative Radio stations now :)
  • OhJ33BUS
    OhJ33BUS 7 місяців тому @iiMooseii they're one album away from real recognition
  • Michael Newton
    Michael Newton 10 місяців тому A few years ago it was like "who are these guys, and how is every single they release so damn good?" ... I was excited to hear them get radio play.
  • Lexii Fitzpatrick
    Lexii Fitzpatrick 11 місяців тому Same lol
  • Jon Graham
    Jon Graham 11 місяців тому iiMooseii i agree
  • iiMooseii
    iiMooseii 11 місяців тому Jon Graham Sir Sly needs more recognition imo. Like they literally have such good music but not even 50k subs on YT and i think not even 1.5 mil monthly listeners on spotify. I think they're growing which is great, but i dont think that they're getting the recognition that they deserve.
  • Jon Graham
    Jon Graham 11 місяців тому iiMooseii hell yeah
  • Alec Guarneri
    Alec Guarneri 10 місяців тому Am I the only one here because this music is fucking awesome?
  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson 2 тижні тому Why else would you be here?.....c...unt
  • k g
    k g 1 місяць тому literally everybody is here because this music is awesome. that is why we are listening to the music.
  • Ashley Bendlin
    Ashley Bendlin 1 місяць тому Yes 👏😍💞
  • James Mutscheller
    James Mutscheller 3 місяці тому nope
  • Alex Outdoorsman
    Alex Outdoorsman 6 місяців тому i agree He has only 70k subs. He should have at least 1 million. this song is beast
  • spiegel
    spiegel 6 місяців тому Probably. The rest of us are here because we like to annoy ourselves.
  • TheEpicPandaGaming4You
    TheEpicPandaGaming4You 6 місяців тому Alec Guarneri no
  • Dale Campbell
    Dale Campbell 6 місяців тому yea
  • lpsseaturtles
    lpsseaturtles 6 місяців тому Nope
  • Ricky NY
    Ricky NY 2 дні тому Happy Death Day brought me here and I'm addicted to this song. OMG <3
  • Blacky valentine
    Blacky valentine 8 місяців тому Lucifer? Here with the drug kids?
  • Roger Taylor's Wife
    Roger Taylor's Wife 2 тижні тому Exactly!!!
  • Leroy Henderson
    Leroy Henderson 2 тижні тому KNOW THAT MANY ANGELS CHOSE TO FOLLOW SATAN<< /LUCIFER/ MICHAEL/ GABRIAL/and many more??? But why the darkness of Michael to cast out Satan and why did Lucifer volunteer to fliy to the casting to see Satan's expression. THE Angel Gabrial chosen Mary to carry out us fallen to Manage this New phrase of Living. But the Pharisees CHOOSE to kill off the SON(sun) and before they suceeded night came...
  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 4 тижні тому @TheCatLover Lord season 4 is the best 🤘🏻 all seasons in #netflix waiting for season5 #lucifer come back 💋
  • TheCatLover Lord
    TheCatLover Lord 4 тижні тому Aashna Chowdhury Oh alright, noted, thank you very much ❤️
  • Aashna Chowdhury
    Aashna Chowdhury 4 тижні тому @TheCatLover Lord it's really fun, the titular character is hilarious. Story wise, it's a crime procedural with some biblical stuff thrown in. It's good for a fun time, nothing seriously engrossing about it except maybe the characters.
  • TheCatLover Lord
    TheCatLover Lord 4 тижні тому Aashna Chowdhury Is it really worth it?
  • Aashna Chowdhury
    Aashna Chowdhury 4 тижні тому I actually went and watched Lucifer from this comment. Thank you stranger, I enjoyed it.
  • mother doomsday
    mother doomsday 1 місяць тому That's were I heard this song so I just had to download
  • subie101
    subie101 1 місяць тому i just want my father's love
  • arav anand
    arav anand 1 місяць тому Yessssssss
  • Chloé Fuller
    Chloé Fuller 1 рік тому The weirder the artist the better the music
  • Ashley Bendlin
    Ashley Bendlin 2 місяці тому Yes 👏
  • PersonType Thingy
    PersonType Thingy 3 місяці тому Chloé Fuller Did you mean: Oliver Tree
  • 2 Pac
    2 Pac 4 місяці тому Chloé Fuller yes lol
  • the random channel #Lizzy
    the random channel #Lizzy 7 місяців тому This "fact" is so weird!!!
  • znemyrkce II
    znemyrkce II 9 місяців тому peeps these days gets triggered easily haha smh
  • znemyrkce II
    znemyrkce II 9 місяців тому cory cianci chill yo. i don't see there is anything wrong with his/her opinion lmao
  • znemyrkce II
    znemyrkce II 9 місяців тому Fuck yeah
  • Fear Monarch
    Fear Monarch 9 місяців тому This isn't weird tho
  • Dvodvoshovdd
    Dvodvoshovdd 11 місяців тому Poppy
  • marshall_s15 _
    marshall_s15 _ 11 місяців тому Chloé Fuller Sir Sly isn't weird this artist is unique.
  • kramer26
    kramer26 1 рік тому Die Antword.
  • Matthew Stamper
    Matthew Stamper 1 рік тому Yeah that’s usually how it works. Drugs? Na
  • Aaron Landry
    Aaron Landry 1 рік тому Chloé Fuller Watches Yellow Submarine
  • Super Klaus
    Super Klaus 1 рік тому true
  • james the ginger
    james the ginger 1 рік тому Chloé Fuller yassss
  • Alec Guarneri
    Alec Guarneri 9 місяців тому Perfect example of a low-budget, high-quality music video
  • beeboobop
    beeboobop 4 дні тому Alec Guarneri low budget.... hahahaha 🙄
  • Bradley Atom
    Bradley Atom 1 тиждень тому Music video director/producer chiming in here. This video definitely cost at least $40k. Don't know if that's cheap to you or not.
  • Andor
    Andor 1 тиждень тому this video was probably high budget but it 100% wasnt cheep. you are fotgetting all the cast behind the chamera, all the ligthing and thats not cheep lighting. Also just the location, it cant be that cheep too rent that wearhouse and the sets also. so yeah, it migth be lower budget compaired too like expenssive videos but its not low budget, its not Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem or Subterranean Homesick Blues. And i dont think record lables do music videos, usally commisioned too a video production, the lable just produce them some of the time.
  • godiegogo_88
    godiegogo_88 1 місяць тому @BLOOP props are cheap. No matter how big. They're signed to Interscope, pretty sure Interscope could just find a couple interns to build it themselves. That brain was built, not bought.
    BLOOP 2 місяці тому This is low budget?? Lol, they used a shit ton of props. And that statue of the brain at the end probably cost a lot.
  • Jeanie Perkins
    Jeanie Perkins 3 місяці тому I thought the video hit home,on more was than one ...
  • SuperFernandez16
    SuperFernandez16 9 місяців тому idk why but their dance style fits so perfectly with this song and thats why this is my favorite
  • Karen Missy
    Karen Missy 2 тижні тому Check out the song Still Feel by Half Alive. The dancing is 👌
    TRENCH TRASH 1 місяць тому Heard this on Alternative Rock radio & in Happy Death Day.... I fell in love! ❤️
  • Dasu
    Dasu 8 місяців тому I discovered this because I'm high
  • tyson Gunningham
    tyson Gunningham 1 місяць тому That's definitely worth commenting
  • Christopher Rosales
    Christopher Rosales 3 місяці тому I’ve been smoking on the peace pipe
  • Brad Fortner
    Brad Fortner 3 місяці тому Smoke ☝ ✌
  • Alexis Slider
    Alexis Slider 4 місяці тому I am also high 😮
  • HexagramMan
    HexagramMan 4 місяці тому Puff puff pass, here J👌
  • TheRealHavit
    TheRealHavit 4 місяці тому Carlos Zerpa Ladies and gentlemen. We got him
  • Kelly Everett
    Kelly Everett 4 місяці тому XD
  • Mati Rodriguez
    Mati Rodriguez 4 місяці тому What a classic xD
  • Carlos Zerpa
    Carlos Zerpa 5 місяців тому On good nice coke here !!!!!
  • Brook Stevens Lucilfer
    Brook Stevens Lucilfer 5 місяців тому i just smoked too much and googled high + devil and thats how i found this song
  • godiegogo_88
    godiegogo_88 5 місяців тому @Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Faria who is Dasu?
  • Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Faria
    Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Faria 6 місяців тому (змінено) Dasu!!!I Love your songs!Cool finding you here!
  • I’m a dog
    I’m a dog 1 рік тому I came from my mother
  • Carrie Peaters
    Carrie Peaters 4 тижні тому I’m a dog 😂
  • TheEpicPandaGaming4You
    TheEpicPandaGaming4You 6 місяців тому I came from mothership 1268-09
  • Zedabyte
    Zedabyte 7 місяців тому (змінено) Your mother came from me too🙊
  • Ashirogi Muto
    Ashirogi Muto 7 місяців тому I came INTO your mother
  • Obama does the whip and meow meow
    Obama does the whip and meow meow 9 місяців тому @Jake Allin 😂😂
  • Dick Richards
    Dick Richards 10 місяців тому George Malally ME TOO BRO! THAT WAS YOU WHO GOT THE SLOPPY SECONDS?? HOW DID THAT TASTE?? LOL
  • s a d t i m e s
    s a d t i m e s 11 місяців тому I came from my dad
  • Anne B.
    Anne B. 11 місяців тому Did you break your hands?
  • George Malally
    George Malally 1 рік тому I came from his mom, twice in 1 hour
  • Emily Shadel
    Emily Shadel 1 рік тому Haha, you got me good
  • TBNRFireNation
    TBNRFireNation 1 рік тому ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Brody
    Brody 1 рік тому (змінено) Same. But my mom actually recommended this song to me lmao
  • Jake Allin
    Jake Allin 1 рік тому Im from my fathers balls
  • 5656Dana
    5656Dana 1 рік тому I came from.......... my dad.
    RUKOISHI 。 1 рік тому Word.
  • RektZ YT
    RektZ YT 1 рік тому Lol
  • Kaya Swan
    Kaya Swan 1 рік тому Patrick Reed omg same
  • Sir Phantasmic
    Sir Phantasmic 1 рік тому First (I came from) comment that I like.
  • Equinaught
    Equinaught 1 рік тому I came here from an existential crisis brought on by vaporwave music, dead mall videos, learning the theory of Entropy, a discussion about how the only reason we even experience the world is because of chemical reactions which lead me to question whether or not anything was even real, and me becoming a nihilist. In the end I discovered that since NOTHING matters in the end then EVERYTHING does because in the end it will go away but at least I had fun while i was alive. And no. I'm not high. Cannabis is illegal where I live and I dont have the hookup otherwise I probably would be right about now.
  • TheCatLover Lord
    TheCatLover Lord 4 тижні тому Equinaught r/iamverysmart
  • Katrina Dutton
    Katrina Dutton 2 місяці тому Same
  • James Frisby
    James Frisby 3 місяці тому I think you all need some weed.
  • NauticalNarwhals
    NauticalNarwhals 3 місяці тому r/im14andthisisdeep
  • Saarthak Sharma
    Saarthak Sharma 4 місяці тому I want to know what kind of vaporwave videos cause an existential crisis.
  • Ahyden reynolds
    Ahyden reynolds 5 місяців тому @ugandan god can you like unfuck yourself or are you always pissy
  • ugandan god
    ugandan god 5 місяців тому No one cares, are you actually gonna comment bout the song?
  • Ahyden reynolds
    Ahyden reynolds 5 місяців тому Fucking love your prof pic
  • Jason E Neifa
    Jason E Neifa 6 місяців тому @Arthur Morgan By commenting this, it doesn't seem you don't seem to grasp the point of Nihilim.
    WOLFQUEEN 9 місяців тому Well yeah ofc everything we do , touch smell see and hear ,it sends chemicals to your neurons and that’s how we react to certain stuff . Biology kids go to school
  • jaesenahart
    jaesenahart 9 місяців тому Sounds like we've been watching the same videos, reading the same shit and listening to the same music. Cheers for everything and nothing.
  • KR Huffaker
    KR Huffaker 9 місяців тому Ahh....I remember my existential crisis. Good times. Cool that you reached the nothing matters but everything matters stage. There's more. Follow your authentic feelings, not just your mind. There's a lot more down the rabbit hole than you are currently aware of.
  • gmakerc1
    gmakerc1 10 місяців тому Yeah, but you're trusting the chemicals in your brain to tell you that they're chemicals in your brain and that they're responsible for everything you experience. What if everything we know about how our brains work is wrong, or incomplete?
  • Luana Arantes
    Luana Arantes 10 місяців тому (змінено) It must be fun talking to you. Deep thoughts.
  • Captain Antsassin
    Captain Antsassin 10 місяців тому Congrats
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 10 місяців тому Nihilism is shit.
  • Anne B.
    Anne B. 11 місяців тому Entropic Nihilism Hi friend.
  • Ahmad Shabazz
    Ahmad Shabazz 11 годин тому I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone. This song is truly a work of art, with nice lyrics and a very nice instrumental. I'm just now seeing the video for the first time and it's just as good as the song itself, if not better. The vibe it puts off is amazing — and I'm so glad to have discovered it. Now, to answer the question of HOW I got here is through Spotify.
  • Siedah
    Siedah 1 рік тому I'd like to see comments about the actual song, not saying how you got there.
  • Lance Schultz
    Lance Schultz 1 місяць тому I am a old man 59 mostly like only classic rock but this song is pretty good
  • Micheal Hoch
    Micheal Hoch 2 місяці тому The first three comments and Siedah. We dont care what you think.
  • kid vicious
    kid vicious 2 місяці тому I wanna see songs about comments that brought people here
  • Jeanie Perkins
    Jeanie Perkins 3 місяці тому One step ahead of the devil,,,Good thang
  • Jeanie Perkins
    Jeanie Perkins 3 місяці тому Remind's me of my son
  • Think For Yourself
    Think For Yourself 3 місяці тому Like Gandhi said: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. What did you think of the song?
  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez 4 місяці тому this is some of the best use of apple photobooth
  • Kelsey Blood
    Kelsey Blood 5 місяців тому @Rubi Dechambre Seems like the devil is his bad thoughts/bad reality, and running from the devil is getting high, an escape from life.
  • Greg Holtz
    Greg Holtz 5 місяців тому I came here cause i was creepin😉
  • Aaron Gross
    Aaron Gross 8 місяців тому I came here from the radio
  • Chocolate Dinosuar
    Chocolate Dinosuar 8 місяців тому Fureal😂we don't fucking care
  • Sadia Sadiq
    Sadia Sadiq 9 місяців тому Ruby Dechambre youtube comments have gone to shit, no one even talks about the lyrical/visual content anymore. it’s all just “anyone watching in 2018??” emojis, or people saying how they got here
  • Rubi Dechambre
    Rubi Dechambre 10 місяців тому Siedah Dragon no kidding, like how people got here is getting annoying who cares. Wondering what he is meaning like get to get away from the devil or be sober to get away from the devil. Just wondering.
  • Olivia Battles
    Olivia Battles 3 тижні тому Lucifer and happy death day ☠ love this song 😍🔥
  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 2 дні тому No one cares.
  • pink capote
    pink capote 1 рік тому I just realized that sir sly = seriously Thank god i discovered this bad
  • Swaggerjack Productions
    Swaggerjack Productions 4 місяці тому he is a sly sir afterall
  • OTDinosaur Scrubs
    OTDinosaur Scrubs 8 місяців тому pink capote that was sir sly of him
  • jaydee nomisasa
    jaydee nomisasa 8 місяців тому pink capote
  • Lori Tucker
    Lori Tucker 5 місяців тому I thought this was Foster the people when I first heard it..
  • Sarah Correia
    Sarah Correia 1 місяць тому Same sort of
  • Texy Mexy
    Texy Mexy 2 місяці тому Omg same!
  • Jacob Godwin
    Jacob Godwin 2 дні тому Im here cause its part of my D&D mix kek
  • DavePoon 2.
    DavePoon 2. 8 місяців тому So this is it what the Winter Soldier was doing all this time
  • Mafer S.
    Mafer S. 6 днів тому @VF H oh i see
  • VF H
    VF H 6 днів тому @Mafer S. that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this dude is that he looks like Sebastian Stan
  • Mafer S.
    Mafer S. 1 тиждень тому Why?
  • VF H
    VF H 1 тиждень тому Went looking for this comment.... figured I wasn't the only one who noticed the resemblance
  • Cesar Enriquez
    Cesar Enriquez 7 місяців тому (змінено) It feels good to be running from the devil
  • Kinsey Madeline
    Kinsey Madeline 1 місяць тому @Cameron C Yeah, that's not what he's talking about... He's fuckin trippin face on LSD.
  • Cameron C
    Cameron C 2 місяці тому It's just brilliant how he shows his spiritual journey ✌♥️😀 Always look on the bright side.