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Fist of Fury 2

Published on Sep 17, 2011 1,658,134 views
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Fist of fury 2 full movie bruce li

  • Curry Jackson
  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 2 дні тому Most of the time, the store of Kung Fu will have to wait, but in the mean time, it's stuff what Stars can have and use. The United States of America.
  • 大場夏
    大場夏 5 днів тому Sword Samurai cut belly Round glasses Chobi 髭
  • abby estrella
    abby estrella 5 років тому i agree with chun despite this not being a quote bruce lee film! bruce Li did  a convincing turn as chen chen's brother i've always liked this sequel!!
  • csicc G4S
    csicc G4S 1 рік тому Dude's Whoever says Bruce Lee is dead He still lives within our hearts and soul Peace B upon him Amen
  • The Blue Jeans
    The Blue Jeans 2 місяці тому You realize Bruce Lee was atheist right? No Amens are necessary
  • blackice
    blackice 3 місяці тому @Craig Sheppard See what I mean? :)
  • Craig Sheppard
    Craig Sheppard 3 місяці тому This isn't Bruce Lee.
  • Muhd Faiz
    Muhd Faiz 5 місяців тому peace b upon too......bruce fans???hahahahha...
  • vincentyeo88
    vincentyeo88 11 місяців тому thank you for your wonderful comment. thumb's up!
  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 3 тижні тому Damn good movie. Thank you for posting....
  • EarlyTrail ET
    EarlyTrail ET 1 рік тому there is nooo such thing as fist of fury part 2!
  • Joseph Strong
    Joseph Strong 1 місяць тому Just stop shredding the movie and enjoy it
  • Charlotte Whyte
    Charlotte Whyte 9 місяців тому what is the true title then?
  • Crafted Noscopes
    Crafted Noscopes 10 місяців тому EarlyTrail ET You Are Wrong.
  • gary gipson
    gary gipson 11 місяців тому Is any of these comments made by any Chinese?
  • Swack News
    Swack News 1 рік тому EarlyTrail ET I’m pretty sure imitation is the sincerest form of flattery actually.
  • manny pellot
    manny pellot 1 рік тому EarlyTrail ET I see what you mean. I was more talking about the wannabe making a so-called part 2 and was showing the link for it. I love your ...”they need to express themselves honestly!!!” Great Bruce Lee quote!!
  • EarlyTrail ET
    EarlyTrail ET 1 рік тому manny pellot no that’s not fist of fury 2, that is more like fist of fury 2 wannebe, see there is only one you and me, and there was only one bruce lee, and all the bruce lee wannebe’s need to go learn how to express themselves honousty 😉
  • manny pellot
    manny pellot 1 рік тому
  • EarlyTrail ET
    EarlyTrail ET 1 рік тому (змінено) Brown Girl lol 😆 no way there is a fist of fury part 2, by the way i heard that women from the seventies are extra sexy, like your name for example, i feel a vibe from you that your just like foxy brown ( pam grier) from the seventies, and she can really fight to 😘
  • Brown Girl
    Brown Girl 1 рік тому IKR!! I grew up in the 70's with three older brothers and this was never one of the movies Bruce Lee did! LOL
  • EarlyTrail ET
    EarlyTrail ET 1 рік тому Bob Briest yes my real point i want to make is, there is one bruce lee alone, and there never will be a second bruce lee, those wannebe bruce lee’s are not even half of what bruce lee could do, it’s an insult too yourself when you copy others, like shakespear said; to thine own self be true!
  • Bob Briest
    Bob Briest 1 рік тому What they said was Fist of Fury 2 was actually Chinese Connection 2. they never filmed a second Fist Of Fury!!!!!
  • Sabrena Yakush
    Sabrena Yakush 11 місяців тому I just read somebody's comment on here and they said they never made a Fist of Fury number two what looks like they did to me because I'm sitting here watching it
  • Ess Ess so so
    Ess Ess so so 5 місяців тому yes they did not , the guy in the movie is not bruce lee
  • Benjamin Tielking
    Benjamin Tielking 10 місяців тому From the heart of a 5 degree black belt ninja: in my BOLD opinion Bruce Lee would have been DAMN proud of Bruce Li . I've watched & studied Bruce Lee's martial arts style, technique, fighting ethic & his FEARLESS blueprint of the very ESSENCE of martial arts & I observe the TRUTH in plain SIGHT: Bruce Li was just as AMAZING as Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris was & is. [[there...I said IT]]
  • Joseph Strong
    Joseph Strong 1 місяць тому Lol i have never heard of any Ninjutsu schools using belt ranks
  • john wallace
    john wallace 3 роки тому another great classic from the late 70's.
  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 7 місяців тому This is a sequel fuckers dont say its fake didnt you hear the guy is chen jeh(bruce lee) is the brother of bruce li in this film WATCH THE FULL MOVIE THE NARRATOR EXPLAINS AND EVEN SAID THAT CHEN JE(BRUCE LEE)DIED IN THE END OF FIST OF FURY 1
  • Frank Navarro
    Frank Navarro 1 рік тому its obviously not Bruce Lee but Bruce Li who also made great movies. this still is a classic
  • fabio ferrari
    fabio ferrari 1 рік тому is not bruce lee at all i know the movie
  • Manic Street Preachers
    Manic Street Preachers 1 рік тому john wallace another great fake bruce lee imitation hahahahaa
  • Brother Dre
    Brother Dre 1 рік тому GOOD classics
  • Nathan Norman
    Nathan Norman 3 роки тому my first kung fu movie i watched this on VHS with my granddad
  • Kenny Loo
    Kenny Loo 1 рік тому Iiron neck li
  • cedrock
    cedrock 1 місяць тому @7:29, did dudes hair suddenly shorten, just before he came from behind the sofa…? LOL
  • mohamed barry
    mohamed barry 1 рік тому Awesome movie a truly great and wonderful classic
  • Dankest Kuri
    Dankest Kuri 11 місяців тому Can we all chill the hell out, I think Bruce Li did a fantastic job
  • Steiven that Mexican Guy
    Steiven that Mexican Guy 3 тижні тому I agree with you Ho Chung Tao didn't want to do this movie due to respect for Bruce Lee. He was actually the first one they asked.
  • Gary Ormond
    Gary Ormond 5 років тому I think my only issue with this film is the stupid way that "Bruce" wins at the end. He spends 10 minutes having his arse handed to him by the Japanese fighter, and wins with a classic, chinese wire leap and two pressure points? C'mon!!! Spoiled an otherwise good film I feel.
  • Thuy M
    Thuy M 5 років тому Can't we all just get along?
  • noodleman1964
    noodleman1964 5 років тому WTF. . . . why can't any of the schools produce more than just one good fighter?
  • The Blue Jeans
    The Blue Jeans 2 місяці тому I was just asking myself that too lmfao it was like they were all lame as fuck except for the main character
  • noodleman1964
    noodleman1964 5 років тому Those damn japanese. . . . always killin and poisoning teacher :-(
  • mehdi1000gsxr
    mehdi1000gsxr 5 років тому 1 2 3 viva l algerie ouaiiii haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on nike tou represente 69 lyon
  • Eazea
    Eazea 5 років тому I watched this so many time when i was young