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Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

Published on Apr 26, 2009 92,299,596 views
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"Holding Back the Years" is the 7th track on Simply Red's debut studio album Picture Book. The song was a huge success for the group and quickly rose to the top of charts across the world. The single is one of two Simply Red songs (the other being their cover of "If You Don't Know Me by Now") to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, for the week ending July 12, 1986. It also reached #2 in the UK and was a worldwide hit. It had initially been released in the UK the year before, but only reached #51.

  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому 29 years after its release this song DESTROYS all the trash they call music today
  • animalcam
    animalcam 6 місяців тому That voice.
  • Annette Roberts
    Annette Roberts 7 місяців тому I DONT AGREE!
  • Mark Mccury
    Mark Mccury 7 місяців тому First song I heard on the radio going to my mom's funeral I can barely hold back tears
  • James Anti
    James Anti 7 місяців тому mrfrogbutt1 please die
  • Explorer Mike
    Explorer Mike 7 місяців тому (змінено) That is what my parents said about their music vs my music back in the day... Surely, the Millennial generation will be telling their kids how great Brittany Spears and Justin Bieber were. 'Ahhhh, those were the days when music really was music"
  • phat'so hoe
    phat'so hoe 7 місяців тому mrfrogbutt1 say that again
  • Clyde Banks
    Clyde Banks 7 місяців тому Love this Song.
  • Team BSR Music Company
    Team BSR Music Company 8 місяців тому Real talk.
  • r whit
    r whit 8 місяців тому If only we could really bring back these awesome songs
  • Heather Ryan
    Heather Ryan 8 місяців тому Listen to five seconds of summer. Ghost if you and lie to me and why won’t you love me and invisible and I am having holding back the years by simply red and invisible by five seconds of summer played at my funeral so I think you’ll like the songs I’ve mentioned
  • Chris Blore
    Chris Blore 8 місяців тому So very true!!!!
  • Ron Damon
    Ron Damon 8 місяців тому Wow that was hard, but true...totally agree...!!! ;-)
  • Rico Cooper
    Rico Cooper 8 місяців тому its the singer that makes this song standout
  • jasmin offutt
    jasmin offutt 8 місяців тому 😂🤣😁😃😑hellll naw funny
  • Ronney Hess
    Ronney Hess 8 місяців тому mrfrogbutt1 I do agree
  • Sherman Armstrong
    Sherman Armstrong 9 місяців тому Yes
  • Juniper Springz
    Juniper Springz 9 місяців тому BAN AUTO TUNING
  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 9 місяців тому Damn Right!
  • Roy W
    Roy W 9 місяців тому yes it is
  • tongolele
    tongolele 9 місяців тому that's what your grandparents said about elvis when r& r first emerged in the 50's-- called it trash; old fogey
  • Moises Olivas
    Moises Olivas 9 місяців тому You got that right
  • Ryan Locke
    Ryan Locke 9 місяців тому Music production and quality has been on a rapid decline. There are many factors that play into this besides ageism. It's a fact and many industry professionals from artists, engineers and producers will confirm. There are many reasons as to why. Foremost the consumer being dumbed down to accept mediocrity. There is a definite and measurable decline in quality of song writing, performance and production. Its a business. The day of artist development are over. So keep stealing music and paying artist fractions of a penny to stream and embrace the suck.
  • Ginger D
    Ginger D 9 місяців тому @mrfrogbutt1 I know, rap ruined our music. I can't wait for that filthy sound to go.
  • Ginger D
    Ginger D 9 місяців тому I know right! So talented, rap ruined our beautiful music.
  • Terry Klevgaard
    Terry Klevgaard 10 місяців тому mrfrogbutt1 true!!!
  • gladiator3543
    gladiator3543 11 місяців тому Oh absolutely
  • Tiago Lemos Lopes
    Tiago Lemos Lopes 1 рік тому 31 now
  • celeste way
    celeste way 1 рік тому Canción. Maykel jackon way
  • Sweetie Sugar Honey Baby Love
    Sweetie Sugar Honey Baby Love 1 рік тому ALL FACTZ NO LIES💯
  • Thalassa Fourtines
    Thalassa Fourtines 1 рік тому YOU MIGHT LIKE LANA DEL REY ULTRAVIOLENCE ALBUM. Jazz blues and the first album in 30 years that didn't use autotune and also used a seven piece band. I'm amazed so many KIDS like Lana...her audience seemed 30 plus but here she is.
  • Irma Searcy
    Irma Searcy 1 рік тому How do very true ! It’s not music anymore ! I miss those days !! 😞
  • Jonathan Cineus
    Jonathan Cineus 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 Seriously. Amen.
  • Omar Sharif
    Omar Sharif 1 рік тому strongly agree
  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia 1 рік тому One of the best.
  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia 1 рік тому Love it
  • Karen Peters
    Karen Peters 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 I couldn't agree more
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
    Mikhail Gorbachev 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 well... Mainstream is shit. Indie bands are rather well put together. Also, you did find a bunch of crap music from the 80s too. Every now and then, in every era, you will find a gem. This is one of them.
  • Phil Enns
    Phil Enns 1 рік тому Amen.
  • BC M
    BC M 1 рік тому lol something tells me 100 years after its release nothing will have changed.
  • Reuben Binyamin
    Reuben Binyamin 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 Amen
  • nnekaisblessed
    nnekaisblessed 1 рік тому WOW!  You said it and you said it well!
  • Richard 0'shay
    Richard 0'shay 1 рік тому what do you expect, these people of today are fake with no real life experiences only others.😎
  • David Worden
    David Worden 1 рік тому somehow I really don't see the kids today telling their kids that rap music about doing a hot chick and how good she is is going to be better than what we had in the 50's-90's
  • Sterling Crockett
    Sterling Crockett 1 рік тому Yeah, but in my case it's because it's true! LOL!
  • Dallas Dunston
    Dallas Dunston 1 рік тому Kevin Hunt Your correct. I am guilty of that. And I remember listening to the Beatles, the Stones, Al Green, Led Zeppelin, Yes, and especially Frank Zappa. Then being told how evil that music was. LOL !
  • Stop hatin! Burns
    Stop hatin! Burns 1 рік тому Hard to argue with the truth. We all think our music was the best. BTW HS class of 76.
  • Vaughan Lewis
    Vaughan Lewis 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 u have a brain. u r smart. thank u
  • Claire Ryan
    Claire Ryan 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 me too
  • CriterionDevil
    CriterionDevil 1 рік тому Amen to that statement..
  • Ernesto Llorente
    Ernesto Llorente 1 рік тому So true
  • Alex Castillo
    Alex Castillo 1 рік тому Kevin Hunt sorry but that doesn't apply to this days music because today IS TRASH ... talking about guns , drugs, bitches , fake drug dealers, and lyrics with no sense at all ... They call themselves "artist" But the thrut is they are just clowns Entertaining out trash society
  • Tom Daffurn
    Tom Daffurn 1 рік тому You are so right today's so called music is pure shite , we are so blessed to have lived through this time of real music , so fuck today's crap there welcome to it
  • Haider Ali Khan
    Haider Ali Khan 1 рік тому OH YES, SOULFUL AND SOFT, LOVED IT
  • Юрий Трушов
    Юрий Трушов 1 рік тому говно
  • From Trinidad
    From Trinidad 1 рік тому Couldn't have put it better myself.
  • Strider1048
    Strider1048 1 рік тому Nostalgia speaks strongly to the heart... there's good music in every generation... However, the music that spoke to you in your youth will always be the best to you...
  • Alan Cohn
    Alan Cohn 1 рік тому This song sets a mood like almost no other.. Very few can even come close, that's for sure...
  • Dolores Duran
    Dolores Duran 1 рік тому Maryhafrpmla323@uajI like it
  • ____ Stolinator
    ____ Stolinator 1 рік тому mrfrogbutt1 I agree
  • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
    Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 1 рік тому Kevin Hunt no, my parents let me make own mind. But I go back to SRV, Pink Floyd and Santana to this day, all of which he likes. I have a,young voice student, her dad wants her away from rap ASAP. I said, "I agree, just be patient, the good stuff always sticks."
  • dinev 800
    dinev 800 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt so in your perspective, 80s music is bad like today!?
  • Vania Eterovic
    Vania Eterovic 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 agree
  • andrew L.
    andrew L. 2 роки тому But you have to admit, the 1980's was probably the most diverse decade musically.
  • bonkers25
    bonkers25 2 роки тому My daughter listens to music back from the day.. My parents over the years have had their record player out playing northern soul to the Beatles to Motown.. She was a little darling singing the Beatles bless her.. We grew up as kids listening to it & now they got their grandchild listening to them.. Proper music.. Not like today's
  • Hubert Montamat
    Hubert Montamat 2 роки тому (змінено) That may all be correct about the "older generation" but the truth is...mostly all the so called "music" of the late 90,s to the present is absolute crap. I didn't say all but mostly all. No originality, very little talent and it has no soul. So much is repetitious computer generated noise where there used to be actual people playing an actual instrument. There were actual melodies and actual words that meant something that went along with those melodies. I am not at all interested in listening to someone lamenting about how the Illuminati has taken control over their pathetic life and how they have sold their soul to the Devil. That's why the music now has no soul, because the talent-less so called "Pop Stars" have no soul as well as those soul-less sorcerers of the music industry. Or "The Industry" as it is more commonly known to those in the business. If you can't see that then you are living in a fantasy world and following the pied piper. Just like you are supposed to do. Mindlessly accepting mediocrity and fooling yourself.
  • minuteman048
    minuteman048 2 роки тому Completely agree. I enjoy all kinds of music from many eras, but what passes for music today is just trash. OK young tasteless liberals, go ahead and trash me. I see a lot of comments from young people who also agree with me.
  • M Lauren
    M Lauren 2 роки тому When I was 6 I alredy used to say nowadays music sucks. Explain me.
  • Supreme Stone
    Supreme Stone 2 роки тому well someday music like this will come back :)
  • allsports100
    allsports100 2 роки тому Nah you just heard 1 or two trash songs and then you just judge the whole era you are closed minded
  • Tony Stuart
    Tony Stuart 2 роки тому 5,746 millennials says otherwise :-P
  • Hiram rodriguez Rodríguez
    Hiram rodriguez Rodríguez 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt your stepping out of line.
  • princess shithead
    princess shithead 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt g
  • Montayas McDade
    Montayas McDade 2 роки тому 💙💙😎😎
  • Party2 theppl
    Party2 theppl 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 i 1000 percent concour
  • Ufosavy
    Ufosavy 2 роки тому HOW WRONG CAN 66 people be ????, In my parents was the freaking bomb. I grew up in the 80's and didn't much care for a lot of it...but great music is TIMELESS and multi generational, whereas today's' "new" music is temporary and uninspiring. Consensus is...1452 votes taking out the garbage !
  • Mark Bourne
    Mark Bourne 2 роки тому (змінено) mrfrogbutt1 to right a timeless classic from simply red you don't get much like this today songwriting has lost it's way
  • kingman907
    kingman907 2 роки тому I was in my twenties during the 80's the best decade for music as far as I'm concerned.
  • Sally  Idol
    Sally Idol 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt the thing is rap isn't music and the Beyonce's and lady Gaga's, of the world are selling sex not music and they sicken me with their trashy crap this was when the music died, they said bye bye miss American pie was a prophetic song and indeed it seems that it was! the foulness that comes from the music industry today is crumbling society down around our ears!
  • casperld
    casperld 2 роки тому And he still sings it perfectly live. No tricks, no bullshit. Just talent.
    LONNIE DOBBINS 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 I so much love this song. GOOD MUSIC IS ALWAYS TIMELESS!
  • MrBearloc1
    MrBearloc1 2 роки тому I don't give a fuck. why am I getting notifications for this shit conversation? Songs dope but fuck off
  • Gra Gor
    Gra Gor 2 роки тому There is tons of good music these days. But pop is pop and it always has been trash. . . . nothing has changed except it is a harder industry to make a buck in for the artists.
  • Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 yea I agree
  • mona roulette
    mona roulette 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1. f. n. a. man.
  • derek ewing
    derek ewing 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 right you are! I hate the trash they put out now!
  • Toure Malone
    Toure Malone 2 роки тому Music nowadays sucks. Let's be honest.
  • Annice Michelle
    Annice Michelle 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt thing is there really is no truly good music.
  • Mark Laus
    Mark Laus 2 роки тому agreed~
  • rayray33aoc
    rayray33aoc 2 роки тому u sound like my grandma
  • Carlos Araujo
    Carlos Araujo 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 you are pretty right man...
  • Chuck P
    Chuck P 2 роки тому Kevin hunt....We all know each generation has said this about the previous era of music, but after the late 90's music definitely changed. All the smooth slow jams in R&b and Classic rock has been removed and replaced by garbage. All the great HIP-HOP that gave you word play, metaphors, punchlines have been replaced by sipping syrup, pushing coke, trap music, ak-47's etc. All the great rock groups like Journey, foreigner, Air supply, etc who produced great love songs, songs that told stories etc have been replaced. Todays rap music and much of the R&b is pure shit, it's nothing more than MUMBLE rap and watered down R&b. Brah I'm a music lover, I am willing to listen to all kinds of music, but I am 50 and I have witnessed the transformation of great artist who can play 6 or 7 instruments to watching an individual just pushing a damn button getting the same effect. Every other word in most of todays music is bitch,fuck,nigga,gun,blast,kill,dope,cocaine, etc. I'm not saying every artist back then were grammy winners, but the quality of music today is no comparison to music from the 60's until about 2002.
  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 2 роки тому This time it really is DIFFERENT:The Pill,Roe vWade,and innumerable social problems have dramatically changed the population,as fewer and fewer creative and intelligent people are being born.
  • Dana Davis RN
    Dana Davis RN 2 роки тому It's like a "right of passage"  Once you start saying things to your children your parents said to are OFFICIALLY a parent! LOL!!!
  • Will Mills
    Will Mills 2 роки тому Yup, I left terrestrial radio. United Stations 'runs' many of today's radio stations programs and program formats. Kind of scary to think we're all spoon fed mainstream radio/news/t.v. That's America for you.
  • Will Mills
    Will Mills 2 роки тому This song didn't mean much then when I was 18, but it does now.
  • David Crouch
    David Crouch 2 роки тому Charlie White and Dire Straits
  • Genny Anaya
    Genny Anaya 2 роки тому mrfrogbutt1 right!! :D
  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 2 роки тому Kevin Hunt spot on mate
  • Peter Gunton
    Peter Gunton 2 роки тому so true.
    ATHEPISTA CO 2 роки тому yup, i need this oldies music , today's music make me so uncomfortable.
  • Hasan El
    Hasan El 2 роки тому 💯
  • mco zpda
    mco zpda 2 роки тому RIP for the good music ..... after mid 90s ..... RIP ...
  • James Quinlan
    James Quinlan 2 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 miss the 80s. why is it when I hear rap I want to eat bananas swing from trees and hunt old,fat white women....
  • Dark Horse 3/5
    Dark Horse 3/5 2 роки тому I agree 100% Mr.Frog. Seems to be any emotions involved in music and music writing today. I listen to all kinds (genre) of music and have to say country music...for the most part sucks. I guess it's true that Nashville killed country.
  • alvshill
    alvshill 2 роки тому You summed up exactly how I feel about today's music. Much of it is popular for a short time and then you almost couldn't care if you never heard it again. This track, on the other hand, never ages and hits me right in the chest every time I hear it.
  • daniel Ramirez
    daniel Ramirez 2 роки тому absolutely!!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 2 роки тому DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone still comments on this song! 30 years old and EVERYONE is drawn to this on a daily basis enough to get comment feedback. You don't get these results with today's worthless music, that's for damn sure, keep writing and giving this song Thumbs Up! Lets show our love for Awesome music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cnniz fakenewz
    cnniz fakenewz 2 роки тому yup
  • Nobody Nothing
    Nobody Nothing 2 роки тому I most certainly agree :)
  • michael delatorre
    michael delatorre 2 роки тому that is really politically correct, music sure isn't what it once was, thank you ,youtube
  • roger kiefer
    roger kiefer 2 роки тому Well Said !
  • Allan Dowd
    Allan Dowd 2 роки тому agree with that !
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 2 роки тому @Cai Hourihan I have no idea who those people are, I will check them out. Awhile ago I found a great band, Costeau and they had broken up 
  • Cai Hourihan
    Cai Hourihan 2 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 I think you may like bands like catfish and the bottleman and Bombay bicycle club, they're modern bands who are quite similar, in my opinion, to simply red
  • paul feeney
    paul feeney 2 роки тому so true
  • VarietyMusicLover
    VarietyMusicLover 2 роки тому truth
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 2 роки тому @John Taylor Well, MOST stuff today is Stuff that was already MADE a long time ago! Nothing new today is something that didn't exist 30 or more yrs ago 
  • John Qixu Paper Taylor
    John Qixu Paper Taylor 2 роки тому correct. most 1982 and 83 music trashes everything written these days.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 2 роки тому @NTL68 I listened to Alabama Shakes and I could not get passed the lead singer's voice. I was turned off. I enjoyed Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings instead, that woman is TREMENDOUS and natural. She didn't irritate me because her voice is just natural, not exaggerated nor forced, it just fits those songs like a glove. I haven't heard the other two musical acts you mentioned, don't think I have? I do have to say that I will give Alabama Shakes another listen
  • NTL68
    NTL68 2 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Alabama Shakes, Ben Howard and The Civil Wars (though split now)....all have great musical talent. Powerful, their voices are magnificent instruments.
  • Matthew James
    Matthew James 2 роки тому You're absolutely right.
  • johnisasexyname
    johnisasexyname 2 роки тому +Warren Campbell II the mainstream does but underground sounds like the 80s and early if you find good bands
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 2 роки тому @big scott Today's music scene is pretty much dead with maybe a handful of good acts that will go unnoticed because no record companies will promote them. The way it works these days, its about looks,fashion and trends instead of finding actual musicians and song writers. Its easier to control Beyoncé,Rhianna,Britney than it was to control Prince (RIP) because an actual artist can think for themselves and will demand proper pay and artist rights. 
  • big scott
    big scott 2 роки тому i agree 100% , love this song. i miss the 80's/90's type of music...
  • Warren Campbell II
    Warren Campbell II 2 роки тому Got that right music today really stinks! 95% of it does anyway
  • Nicki Collis
    Nicki Collis 2 роки тому and don't be rude to a woman. mate.
  • Nicki Collis
    Nicki Collis 2 роки тому Shh child. sleep.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Romeo Diyong Ok Ding Dong  
  • Romeo Diyong
    Romeo Diyong 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 wow you really off this segment then.bye.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Romeo Diyong What the hell are you talking about? People "don't" become gay or straight, you are either gay,straight or bi. Your comment is about as dumb as running into Sara Palin. 
  • Romeo Diyong
    Romeo Diyong 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 i dont discriminate.i will pray to God so that this people will change the God way of living not become gay which is a sin.tq.
  • Romeo Diyong
    Romeo Diyong 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 no
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Romeo Diyong He is talented "although he is gay?" Sorry, im NOT into bigotry nor discrimination. Gay people are everywhere and talented as fuck, got a problem with that? 
  • Romeo Diyong
    Romeo Diyong 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 hi mrfrogbutt we are in the same ship.i totaly agree with u.i choose quality of music and voice.artist like rahsaan paterson for example.he is talented.although he is gay.
  • Lalo Martinez
    Lalo Martinez 3 роки тому i fuckin agree
  • Paul Routledge
    Paul Routledge 3 роки тому seems Mick gave up a little soul and battled popularity, what a fab Mancy voice.
  • Max Wolf
    Max Wolf 3 роки тому 100% agree!!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @crusadersex I have no idea what you are talkin about Willis 
  • zoinks scoobs
    zoinks scoobs 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Edgy, but this is your opinion, you have to respect other peoples opinions too.
  • sonny brown
    sonny brown 3 роки тому i agree
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Yute Hube In your dreams dude! I don't know what planet you were living in because everyone I knew has Picture Book as a cd. May I remind you cds were introduced in 1986 and were expensive and it was worthy enough to buy! It speaks to the testament of how DAMN good Simply Red is and how DAMN good it was to buy QUALITY music by talented true artists. You don't have that these days an that's why music is constantly stolen.  
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Kevin Hunt Liar!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Kevin Hunt Im sorry you like Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. Enjoy but come on here listening to Simply Red, that just means your ears and brain don't agree with your claims. When anyone of this generation writes a song like this then you will have a valid point.  
    ARTHUR GIMENES 3 роки тому It's true
  • jordan laird
    jordan laird 3 роки тому so true!
  • starr shine
    starr shine 3 роки тому I'm not trying to start a pissing contest on here, but I feel if you search around, you can easily find new artist(s) that make music that will appeal to you. Maybe not top 40 pop/hip hop/new country etc, but dig around "Sound Cloud" or "Youtube"  etc. Of course this song -"Holding Back the Years" - is timeless and I am sure it will be covered by other performers, if it hasn't already. Keep our ears open. Cheers.
  • nhblkdiamond
    nhblkdiamond 3 роки тому dittio&how
  • Ivor Biggen
    Ivor Biggen 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 I was born in the 80s and listening to songs like this and others in my parents vinyl collection gave me soul
  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 3 роки тому Naw, I don't believe it will ever happen, but a man can dream, yeah?:)
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Dak Lamerbusch Well, its going to a long shot, there are millions of dumb people who buy ANYTHING the media,Disney or commercials throw at them  
  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 You can't tell the sarcasm there?:^/ MY dream is that all those awful, awful musicians all have a sudden heart attack, die, we bury them in a mass grave, then GOOD musicians rise up to take their place!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Dak Lamerbusch Yeah, generations in your dreams 
  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Ohhhh come now! People for GENERATIONS TO COME will be singing the praises of Justin Beiber and . . . who the fuck is Little Mix???
  • Diane Alfieri
    Diane Alfieri 3 роки тому CORRECT!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 I'm sorry to hear that, but it was a joke about the fact that as people get older they end up sounding like their parents, and one of the best examples is saying "there's no good music these days". Almost every child's parents said that to them and they ended up saying it to their kids!!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Kevin Hunt I wouldn't know, he died when I was 4. 
  • Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 You sound like your father!!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Nathan Edwards No, dumbass its pretty much 99% why the fuck do you think the record biz is dying a fast death, junk music,junk acts. Only 1% of the acts are making it and music sales are at the lowest of any decade. Read a book,do your research instead of masturbating to Youtube  you lazy bitch
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Nathan Edwards Shitty music has ALWAYS existed unfortunately that's 99%of whats out there today. There are some great artists out now but its a very small percentage 
  • XelreD
    XelreD 3 роки тому +John Erkman 425 !
  • John Erkman
    John Erkman 3 роки тому +John Erkman not ALL music today is bad though! Hiatus Kayote, Buffalo Daughter, Gwen Bun, that's just off too of my head! If anyones using Clear Channel to dictate what you "should" listen then you need to GO ROGUE dammit! & you will thank me😌😌😌
  • John Erkman
    John Erkman 3 роки тому Amen & with 424 likes to your comment 😎😎😎
  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards 3 роки тому @mrfrogbutt1 Your opinion. There is shit music now, and there was shit music then. Someone like Kendrick Lamar and JCole make absolutely great music. The messages within their music are a reflection of today's society etc. Then there are people who make shit music. It is more readily available due to the internet.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Nathan Edwards Im sure that there are nice songs but nothing that can be as amazing 30 years later dude. Todays music for the most part is junk for money.  
  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Just your opinion. Personally I think there are people who make music that annihilates this song.
  • Horroratio Neilsen
    Horroratio Neilsen 3 роки тому +Sathaporn Potiswad I Hear Yah....xcepting now it is true 97% of the X.
  • 666sikkinikki
    666sikkinikki 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 I agree 100%. What a shame.
  • 666sikkinikki
    666sikkinikki 3 роки тому Agreed
  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 3 роки тому Hi Guys, the majority of people today just seem to be rolling with the crowd, as far as this, "So Called", music goes. I'm reasonably sure that the songs that are popular today can't really be dissected into any musical fragment, that actually contains any creative talent....It you listen to the music, it is primarily electronic,(especially drums), with someone trying to sing some assemblage of repetitive lyrics. I've always gone my own way when picking and listening to my music, but then again, I know what to look for in a good, and even great tune. 
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @blueangel0925 It costs a bigger fortune to lose the actual talent that made great music and settle for junk.... 1986 had Picture Book and 2016 has Miley Cyrus
  • blueangel0925
    blueangel0925 3 роки тому The irony is that it costs a fortune to make music today.
  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 3 роки тому Hey Joe, I agree with you 100%. The music today seems to lack purpose, other than what you said, to make money.....Today's music even sounds cheap.
  • Hey_ Joe
    Hey_ Joe 3 роки тому +Sathaporn Potiswad - It was true when your parents said it, and it's true now. Music has not progressed over the years. Styles have changed, but it's big business now. The music of today is generic crap, written solely to make money. Of course there is exceptions, but not many.
  • blueangel0925
    blueangel0925 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 I think so, too.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Lester Ipapo I listen to new acts that exist NOW however, there aren't many! This generation has produced so little since the music biz is going bankrupt. This is ALSO the generation buys MP3 downloads and NOT entire albums, the cheaper the type of music the more the industry dies. This doesn't affect acts like The Beatles but I will demolish any chances that new acts will NEVER make it in biz. Good luck to you, your generation and any self expression you might have since you fund Miley Cyrus instead 
  • Michael Jagger
    Michael Jagger 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 always will. things just get better with age
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Tristan Ward What streets? I came from the hood,earned a college degree and am certainly NOT a kiddo! Im a lot older than YOU. Enough to know the history of this album so, sit down and shut the fuck up! 
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Tristan Ward shut up, just shut up 
  • Tristan Ward
    Tristan Ward 3 роки тому lol wow. why don't you listen to hold on by team eastside peezy. they covered this song and if you ask me 100x better :)
  • Björn Bauder
    Björn Bauder 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 cant agree more
  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 3 роки тому I've always been a 70's decade musician and music lover.....The only group I would even lean toward in the 80's, would be Def Leppard, other than them, I would have to revert back to the 70's.
  • djkornphlake
    djkornphlake 3 роки тому There was plenty of trash music in the 80s too.
  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Now you done went and made the statement of the decade, my factual brother...
  • gmomsoup
    gmomsoup 3 роки тому it's his voice!! so beautiful on my ears.
  • wee bogi
    wee bogi 3 роки тому yes i agree
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Margaret Carr And PROUD of the TOO!  
  • Margaret Carr
    Margaret Carr 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 -showing your years!
  • James Shields
    James Shields 3 роки тому you ain't lying about that this is real music
  • skippytroll
    skippytroll 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 And when it came out, it had/has the sound of older music. Melody, flowing vocals with the instruments, and sweet, melancholy (spelling) lyrics. Put all together, you listened.
  • Jose Romulus
    Jose Romulus 3 роки тому verdade
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @barvas42 Well, Mick is on of the most soulful white boys ever 
  • barvas42
    barvas42 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 i saw them live in aberdeen,they were just really starting out and there were only about 50 people at the gig,and i was standing at the bar when the set started and i thought wow who are these guys they were SUPERB this one and HEAVEN are my favs
  • rafael Nadal
    rafael Nadal 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 i agree
  • Darien Body
    Darien Body 3 роки тому precisely!
  • Erika Michelle
    Erika Michelle 3 роки тому +Decklan Alfonso If Sam covers this that would be awesome!
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @MrLoanboy Don't do what? 
  • MrLoanboy
    MrLoanboy 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Just just don't do it like this's a shame
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Lester Ipapo Then why complain and bitch? Cut your crap and shut up 
  • Lester Ipapo
    Lester Ipapo 3 роки тому dont talk to me about taste man, fyi my favorite band is THE SMITHS, which is one of the most influencial bands that, Oh look!, they came from your precious 80s music. Now if your gonna cloak yourself in your underrated 80s music then condemn everything else. well then your just being stubborn, but there seems to be no getting into your stubborness. the hardest man to crack after all is the man who's convincing himself. by your argument, its seems the only thing to back up your case is just an extreme hate with contemporary music. you're not even trying to put up decent arguments.
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому @Lester Ipapo No, IT MEANS I have standards.I have taste and today's shit is just that, a pile of shit acts and crap parading around as music. Maybe you should develop some taste and standards. Plus, why are you here listening to Simply Red if your new music is so fucking amazing?
  • Ariana Teixeira
    Ariana Teixeira 3 роки тому yes
  • Eddie Melendez
    Eddie Melendez 3 роки тому Amen
  • Tricia Dummett
    Tricia Dummett 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 I jjjqj1lkGustafson
  • See Nigh - Drummer
    See Nigh - Drummer 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 agreed
  • Callum Davage
    Callum Davage 3 роки тому What makes this any better than music today? Just as soppy pop bullshit as whats out now adays, fair enough if you enjoy this kind of music but it really isnt that different than new music
  • randomglen
    randomglen 3 роки тому I can't agree more!!!
    PAULO ARAMYS MARTINS DA COSTA 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Concordo com você. Aqui no Brasil, nas últimas duas décadas, temos milhares de lixo sendo lançado com nome de música. Me parece que os grandes gênios da músicas estão se extinguindo.
  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 Music was on a tremendous run for about 30 years,mid 50's to mid 80's.Now it's dead.
  • jlsbms
    jlsbms 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1  you are spot on
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 роки тому +mrfrogbutt1 AMEN!!!
  • Josette oneal
    Josette oneal 3 роки тому @Guillermo Ramirez lol the younger generation doesn't know good music.i grew up in the 70's n 80's the best
  • Lester Ipapo
    Lester Ipapo 3 роки тому Looking at your channel you probably love 70s to 80s music ranging from glam rock to disco. And that's great. Probably means you're in your 50s too. You probably have this very strong pessimistic about contemporary music right now. But for you see you're no different from the people who once said rock and roll was the music of the devil in the 50s? And you should try the band Savages if you're not to proud. They're influenced by a lot of 70s post punk. How about you prove me wrong about my opinion of you...
  • Lester Ipapo
    Lester Ipapo 3 роки тому Looking at your channel you probably love 70s to 80s music ranging from glam rock to disco. And that's great. Probably means you're in your 50s too. You probably have this very strong pessimistic about contemporary music right now. But for you see you're no different from the people who once said rock and roll was the music of the devil in the 50s? And you should try the band Savages if you're not to proud. They're influenced by a lot of 70s post punk. How about you prove me wrong about my opinion of you
  • Lester Ipapo
    Lester Ipapo 3 роки тому Looking at your channel you probably love 70s to 80s music ranging from glam rock to disco. And that's great. Probably means you're in your 50s too. You probably have this very strong pessimistic about contemporary music right now. But for you see you're no different from the people who once said rock and roll was the music of the devil in the 50s? And you should try the band Savages if you're not to proud. They're influenced by a lot of 70s post punk. How about you prove me wrong about my opinion of you...
  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith 3 роки тому Too true!
  • Lester Ipapo
    Lester Ipapo 3 роки тому The fact the you the only music you know today only consist of "trashy" music today just shows you're very close minded. Yeah today's popular music sucks balls but that's because that's what the medias showing you. I URGE YOU to try today's contemporary music by really talented artists like James Blake or The xx. Maybe it can change your mind. Cheers
  • Josette oneal
    Josette oneal 3 роки тому U r u right..great music love this gruop period
  • mrfrogbutt1
    mrfrogbutt1 3 роки тому Plus, why are you here listening to Simply Red if your music is so amazing? That clearly points out something you don't want to admit to yourself dude.....